It’s time to revisit the Acura Precision concept

Acura has worked very hard to ensure that it will be one of the top luxury brands and has made its mark by offering high quality cars and SUVs with exceptional combustion engines. But as automakers turn to electric vehicles, Acura is making some changes. The Acura Precision Concept came out a few years ago. Still, with the shift to electric vehicles, it’s time to revisit this concept and see what could come from an all-electric range.

What is the Acura Precision Concept?

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In 2016, the Acura Precision concept was presented at the Detroit Auto Show. It was a sleekly styled four-door that aimed to reinvent the Acura brand. The sharp body lines, low roof, long wheelbase and wide stance gave it a sporty, premium look. It was not a small car as it was 84 inches wide and 204 inches long. It was certainly a futuristic car at the time that would now fit into the design language of most newer cars.

Inside, onlookers enjoyed a minimalist design with an abundance of premium materials. Soft leather seats felt sporty and supportive. In addition, natural wood covered the speaker grilles. In addition, the steering wheel was sporty enough.

Behind the steering wheel was a curved screen that acted as an instrument cluster. This feature was only available on the higher end models then, but is now quite common. Finally, the dashboard was covered in soft leather and featured a large button for the various driving modes and a large screen that housed the infotainment.

Acura said the Acura Precision Cockpit is focused on “electrification, range and connectivity to shape the future of our vehicle design.

What is this design for the future of Acura?

The front of the Acura Precision Concept | Acura

Acura is making great strides in reinventing the brand, and a lot of it started with this concept car. Many architectural features introduced by this concept car are available in modern models.

One of the most impressive aspects of the Acura Precision Concept is that it brought a new level of technology. The digital human-machine interface, HIM, was, according to Acura, able to recognize individual passengers as they entered the car and adjust the setting according to their preferences. Although this technology is not currently available, it may be soon.

Is the Acura Precision concept a glimpse of the future of Acura?

The luxurious and advanced interior of the acura precision concept, many design elements have made their way to modern acura models

The futuristic interior of the Acura Precision Concept | Acura

When this concept was first presented in 2016, Acura was still very dedicated to combustion engines. The idea of ​​an all-electric range was once a novel, and no company was ready to make the change. But, in recent years, especially as gasoline prices have risen, automakers are turning to electric vehicles.

This commitment began with the Acura Precision concept. At the time, no actual powertrain information was available, but over time it has become clear that the future is electric. This concept model introduced future design language and the idea of ​​incredible electric power.

The Acura Precision concept is a great look into the future

the sporty and refined rear end of an acura precision concept

The back of the Acura Precision Concept | Acura

For the needs of more drivers, the Acura Precision concept is an exciting idea of ​​what the future of the brand could look like. This futuristic concept car not only launched a new level of luxury and performance, but also gave onlookers a thrilling look into an electrified future. In the meantime, take a look at the eight new electric vehicles that have the longest range available today.

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