Joe Satriani showing futuristic artwork in Short Hills; will appear at the gallery on March 12

“Purple Species and Friends”, by Joe Satriani.

Guitarist Joe Satriani, whose interest in science fiction is reflected in the titles of his instrumental rock albums (Surf with the alien, Is there love in space?, Shockwave Supernova, etc.), demonstrates an interest in the future, and the world of the imagination, in his work as well. Check out her “Purple Species and Friends,” above, and her “Alien Party,” right.

“Extraterrestrial Party”, by Joe Satriani.

On March 12 from 5-8 p.m., Satriani will make a personal appearance at an exhibition of his works titled “Beyond Reality” currently on view at the Wentworth Gallery in the Mall at Short Hills.

“Music and art are my passions,” Satriani said. « I like to make the invisible, visible, and the unimaginable, real. The image on a canvas, or, for that matter, an electric guitar, can make you feel something unexpected and revelatory, something that is the beginning of greater personal insight.

“Challenging the straight line and the concepts of what belongs to what excites me. I want to experiment with new color combinations to make me see beyond the prevailing reality.

“There is a balance between seriousness and humor that can give a painting a kind of resilience and longevity, making it forever contemporary. When I paint and play my guitar, I strive to be in a state of elation and communicate that feeling to my fans.

Satriani paints on guitars, as well as on canvas.

His 19th studio album, The Elephants of March, will be released on April 8.

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