K. Leigh’s latest novel Reformat provides a satisfying and resounding finish to the mind-boggling Constelis sci-fi trilogy



PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND, UNITED STATES, October 12, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – One of the most unique and engaging voices in science fiction today, K. Leigh, brings a rowdy but empowering conclusion to their Constelis Voss Trilogy with the publication of Reformat. A science-fiction psychological thriller, Reformat explores the complex interplay between humanity, technology and the power of memory.

Epic in scope and featuring (literally) a complex cast of overpowered misfits, this boundary-pushing space opera takes place in a distant future where the past is recycled into the electronically reincarnated passengers of a space-sized ship. planet, where the past and the future are surprisingly intertwined.

“I created this series for anime fans, like me, who appreciate the atmosphere and pace of titles like Evangelion and Ghost in the Shell,” said author, K. Leigh. “With Reformat, the Constelis Voss saga comes to an end, but these characters will stay with me, and I hope new and old readers, for many years to come.”

Critics have called Constelis Voss’s trilogy “truly unique and engaging,” with “semi-explosive dialogue and subtle class analysis” and featuring “shamelessly lively characters.”

The Complete the Constelis Voss Trilogy: Color theory, pattern recognition, and reformatting are available as eBooks or paperbacks from Amazon, Barnesandnoble.com, and other popular booksellers.

About K. Leigh
K. Leigh is a 33 year old painter, sometimes freelance, artist forever living in Providence, RI. They write tragic stories full of hope, full of funny and horrific characters, in various genres.

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