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Forget David Lynch’s 1984 version of “Dune,” because I certainly and won’t revisit his vision for a comparison with director Denis Villeneuve’s take on Frank Herbert’s sci-fi novel.

Set thousands of years into the future, the year 10191 to be exact, “Dune” tells the story of Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet), a young man propelled by fate into an intergalactic power struggle.

Son of the beloved and besieged ruler Duke Leto (Oscar Isaac) and the mighty warrior priestess Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson), Paul will undergo the ultimate test to overcome his fear when fate and unseen forces inexorably push him towards the sands of the distant planet. Arrakis.

A unwelcoming desert land, Arrakis is home to an indigenous human civilization called the Fremen. The planet has been fiercely contested for generations for its precious natural resource.

Arrakis’ attraction is the struggle for control of the Spice, a scarce, highly valued and stimulating resource upon which space travel, knowledge, commerce, and human existence depend.

But those looking to reap the spice must survive the inhospitable heat of the planet, hurricane-force sandstorms, and monolithic sand worms that are rightly feared with the kind of reverence usually reserved for the gods.

The battle for Spice involves a trade war between House Atreides and House Harkonnen, whose leader is the sadistic Baron Harkonnen (Stellan Skarsgard), a truly malevolent force ruling by fear and determined to feed its addiction to cruelty.

On the good side is Gurney Halleck, the irreverent and quick-witted Josh Brolin, Duke Leto’s warbender, who has been forged in battle and will do whatever it takes to protect House Atreides by overseeing training. in Paul’s fight.

House Atreides’ deadliest weapon is Jason Momoa’s Duncan Idaho, a legendary sword master and fearless pilot who serves as Duke Leto’s eyes and ears and defends family members as if they were were his.

Another wrinkle to consider is that “Dune” is an incomplete version of Frank Herbert’s vision that doesn’t easily translate into a film adaptation, and it is understood that Villeneuve is looking to come up with a second part to this film.

Meanwhile, this big-screen adaptation fully immerses audiences in the moving story of Paul’s maturity against family rivalries, tribal clashes, social oppression, and ecological disaster on the ruthless and austere planet of Arrakis.

While the film can be streamed on HBO Max, “Dune” demands to be seen on the big screen to appreciate its stunning visual effects. On the other hand, viewer interest may wane for those who are not avid sci-fi enthusiasts.


In collaboration with BBC Studios, the BYUtv cable network turns Oscar Wilde’s short story “The Canterville Ghost” into a modern four-part tale of humorous short story about an American family moving into a haunted British castle.

Rightly presented on Halloween, “The Canterville Ghost” stars Anthony Head as centennial Sir Simon of Canterville, the ethereal inhabitant of Canterville Chase, an estate purchased by American billionaire Hiram Otis (James Lance) to ideas foreign to the inhabitants.

Hiram and his psychotherapist wife Lucy (Caroline Catz) have three children, Virginia, 22 (Laurel Waghorn) and the mischievous 12-year-old twins Franklin and Theodore (Joe and Tom Graves) who find ways to torment Sir Simon.

For hundreds of years the extraordinary and malicious Sir Simon of Canterville, who considers himself Britain’s first ghost, took great pride in scaring the locals and terrorizing the tenants of his castle in rural England .

Even his own descendant Lord St. John Canterville (Harry Gostelow), who grew up in the castle, moved his family when he could no longer haunt and gave up the estate to an American willing to buy the old mansion with all of its contents. .

To the lonely and unhappy mind, the idea that anyone would move into their ancestral home is an insult, but it is an even greater affront than a family of Americans (gasping!) Would have the temerity to buy his property.

The fact that arrogant Americans are unwilling to be scared off by a ghost who wants them to come back across the pond to their homeland is certainly troubling for an appearance who believes he is an experienced artist. carrying out his obsessive tasks with enthusiasm.

But Sir Simon’s attempts to haunt the Otis family fail when Americans hail his efforts with gift baskets and positive affirmations. He is consumed with guilt and unable to go to eternal rest until he finds the redemption he desperately needs.

The Otis family have their own struggles. Virginia seeks solace after dropping out of law school and is the only one who doesn’t torment the ghost. Lucy and Hiram must navigate the dangerous and icy waters of the British aristocracy which hates foreigners.

Like many of Oscar Wilde’s works, “The Canterville Ghost” has been adapted for film and television on several occasions. BYUtv can get a kick out of its hands.

Tim Riley writes film and television reviews for Lake County News.


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