Legislatures join forces with law enforcement on legislation to curb catalytic converter theft

by: WROC Staff

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ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) – Republican county lawmakers Karla Boyce (R-5) and Paul Dondorfer (R-9) have teamed up with local law enforcement to seek solutions to reduce theft and layoff. for-profit scrapping of catalytic converters in Monroe County.

This crime is on the increase due to the increased scrap value of the metals and minerals found in these devices on almost all vehicles.

Gates Police say catalytic converters help control a vehicle’s emissions. Lt. Dave Sapienza says 11 have been stolen since May. “The main target appears to be commercial trucks and vans, although they also steal regular passenger cars,” he explained.

Lawmakers and law enforcement are looking to a local law passed by the county legislature in 2013, which they say has curbed a wave of thefts caused by the rapid profiteering of valuables at pawnshops local. In a statement, the county legislatures made the following suggestions:

  • Compulsory cash payments for scrapped catalytic converters are not paid until 14 days after the converter is delivered to a scrap yard.
  • Require scrap companies to obtain copies of a valid driver’s license or other government-issued identification from people who scrap catalytic converters.
  • Require scrap companies to obtain copies of documents proving ownership of any vehicle whose catalytic converter has been scrapped, such as vehicle registration or title.
  • Require any auto body or mechanic shop to provide documentation that any discarded catalytic converter is from a vehicle that was serviced by that company, such as a copy of a receipt for work performed.
  • Warrant scrapping companies keep records of scrapped catalytic converters for a minimum of 3 years so law enforcement can track stolen converter investigations.

“Walking into a junkyard with a stolen catalytic converter in mint condition and turning it over for cash is one of the easiest crimes to commit,” Gates Police Chief James VanBrederode said. in a press release. “Our local businesses have paid thousands of dollars in stolen converters.”

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