Meow Wolf and Spatial Collaborate for Immersive Art Experience Spatial Holodeck, Allowing SXSW Participants to Escape to a Futuristic World – The Daily Texan

Visitors to the Meow Wolf pop-up experience at SXSW entered an eclectic world full of bright blue, purple and pink neon lights and whimsical background noise, immersing themselves in art brimming with life and vibrant energy.

On March 11, Meow Wolf — an arts and entertainment company from Santa Fe, New Mexico — launched a pop-up experience in Spatial Holodeck. In collaboration with Spatial – an audio simulation company that creates virtual soundscapes – Meow Wolf’s 2,400 square foot area allows visitors to escape into art while absorbing rooms and sound. This partnership added to the sci-fi feel of the exhibit, with bubbling and pounding sounds in the air around viewers.

“Visitors will experience a psychedelic landscape of creative potential, where lost ideas manifest into islands of dynamic possibility,” Sandra Wang, creative director of Meow Wolf, said in a press release. “Each island is a world unto itself, which was built with the intention of finding the lost pieces of our imagination.”

By using recycled materials, Meow Wolf challenges sustainability concerns in art, creating new and exciting art. Each piece of sculpture is its own world. Excerpt from “GLITCH CITY ZONING MANUAL;” a floating island with leaning skyscrapers and bustling houses, in “Strikes and Gutters”; a bowling-shaped sculpture with windows showing bowling balls descending a spiral staircase, each part of the exhibit requires special attention from onlookers.

Closer glances reveal hidden universes, making the already funky exterior pale in comparison. “Burnout Eternal,” for example, features eggs of different sizes with piercing holes to find fun worm communities. An egg reveals a stunning landscape, with white mushrooms, pink roses and three pink worms settled on a green hill.

Plus, QR codes hide on the edge of each piece. After scanning the codes with a phone camera, the exhibit expands further online, with more information about the art on “The Stream”, an online website described as a “psychic channel between worlds , a place where lost ideas merge and spread”.

A unique art experience, the Meow Wolf pop-up offered an exciting break from the hectic energy of SXSW. With the intense detail and attention to detail in Meow Wolf and Spatial, visitors are sure to be captivated by the colorful and immersive experience.

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