Mumbai girl gets 99% in CBSE class 12 science

The long-awaited CBSE Class 10 and 12 results were announced today on Jahnabi Roy of Mumbai from Ryan International, Kandivali scores 99% in CBSE Class 12 Science. She is also the best JEE in the state among girls.

During an interview with The Free Press Journal, Jahnabi shared his ideas for the preparation: “For my preparation, I strictly followed the NCERT for all subjects. I made sure to read between the lines and avoid from missing crucial information. It helped me hone my understanding of the concepts and apply them appropriately on the exam. Self-discipline is the virtue that helped me stick to my schedule and rigorous practice m ‘made me confident in the subjects. Recreational activities like yoga, karate, classical music and ballet kept my mind stress-free and calm during the exam.”

As the exams took place in two semesters, this time the first term was objective and the second term was subjective. “Yes, I would say it was beneficial that the exam was held in two terms, it reduced the load of the program at a time and helped me focus on each concept. It improved my efficiency and helped me gave more clarity in matters,” she said. added.

As the second term took place in a subjective mode, it was surely difficult to give term 2, “Since I was preparing for the JEE exams where we are confronted with objective type questions, I had to devote my time to familiarize myself with the format of the written subjective for the jury exams of the 2nd year. All my subject teachers at school guided me throughout my preparation. Considering the online studies, my parents made sure to constantly monitor my performance and improve my shortcomings,” she added.

Furthermore, she advises, “Being sincere and honest in our preparation is the ultimate key to achieving our goals. Rigorous practice helps build confidence and also help us manage our time well in the exam.”

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