Neeraj Chopra Earned Another Billion Gold By Ending Hate

But Neeraj Chopra ended the controversy by clarifying that it is very common for all players to keep their javelin in one place and sometimes use each other’s javelin for practice. “Arshad Nadeem had done nothing wrong, and I am very saddened that such controversy was created using my statement,” Chopra said in his video statement.

This hate campaign is just the latest in a string of such social media narratives built by the right since the Olympic star made India proud by winning gold in the javelin throw.

The agenda is to somehow co-opt the talent and sportsmanship of Neeraj Chopra and induct him into the BJP-RSS camp, even though he has never made a public statement about his political allegiance. . It started with the publication by ANI of a column by an anonymous author in which Chopra’s victory in gold was attributed to the support of Modi. “Gold medalist Neeraj Chopra’s bumpy journey to ultimate glory buoyed by Prime Minister Modi’s backing,” the headline reads, but it doesn’t refer to any specific event or situation that could justify the grand claim. All he did was make a

wacky link between a Modi Tweet and Chopra’s Olympic success, which is laughable to say the least.

Since then, right-wing groups on social media have tried to make Chopra a symbol of their anti-Muslim and anti-liberal hatred. Due to his identity as an upper caste Hindu male, they tried to turn him into a “Hindutva” or “Sanghi” icon as if the two were one and the same. For convoluted reasons, his Olympic victory has been used to target liberal-secularists claiming that liberals are unhappy and jealous of his victory which is obviously baseless and illogical.

Faced with this blatant attempt to turn him into a pawn in the national political war, Neeraj Chopra won hearts not only for rejecting hate, but also for having the courage to call it “vested interests” and ” propaganda”.

Twitter is now abuzz with several people hailing him for standing up for another sportsman who crosses politics and religion. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was also among those who praised him for his courage and maturity.

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