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Tim Morris, the new executive director of the Fort Museum, recently poses at the Opera.

For a time, Tim Morris was the man to call when a museum needed a turnaround. Fortunately, that’s not the reason he’s become the new executive director of the Fort Museum and Frontier Village.

Morris spent about 22 years moving between museums across the country.

“I started in Michigan, where I’m from. A friend of mine needed help at a Space and Science Museum near Detroit, and I started working with him. I ended up being the director of this museum in a few years ”, Morris said. “Then I went to western Oregon and was the director of education at the Evergreen Air and Space Museum. I stayed there for almost eight years. Then I made a few short stays in smaller museums.

Morris said he was getting tired of moving around so often.

“This opportunity has presented itself and I am very happy here so far. It is a great museum with a lot of potential. It’s pretty cool, it’s like having the chance to create a museum from scratch when it comes to new events and educational opportunities. So it’s pretty exciting. he said.

Before Morris got involved in museums, he was a television cameraman for NBC for 15 years.

Morris said he had always had a love for history.

“I am very passionate about history and I always have been. It really pushes me to learn more about the history of different museums, each one is unique. This one is really grandiose, especially with the opportunities for local history ”, he said. “That’s really what stood out to me, it’s the history of Fort Dodge because I’m a big fan of history as it relates to the Civil War and WWII. In fact, I’m a WWII and WWI reenactor. I used to go to civil war when I was a little younger. So this really presents itself as a great opportunity for me to still be involved in the history of the Civil War and the history before the Civil War.

Morris said he had no connection with Fort Dodge until he moved here about two months ago, but he feels very welcome.

“Everyone I have met has been very accommodating and very sympathetic. I was just saying to my wife the other day when I was talking to her, I said that I really never shook my spine in a community and that I was accepted as quickly as here. So that’s really cool and I think we’re going to make a nice house here, “ he said.

Morris said he was already excited about the current lineup and had other plans for expansion.

“Well, we have our bingo twice a week. Monday and Thursday. We have The Whitesidewalls coming up on New Years Eve and it’s going to be a really good show. There are still a few tickets left but they are going quickly. And then we are getting ready for the Frontier Days of course ”, he said.

Morris mentioned that they are setting up a committee for Frontier Days and that anyone in the community is welcome to call him at the museum if he is interested in joining us.

“We want to expand our education programs, and teachers can look at our Facebook and our website for those. These will be published probably within the next six weeks. We will also start an awareness program where if the students cannot come to see us, we will come to class ”, Morris said.

There will be a meet and greet event for the community to come talk to Morris from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on January 18, 2022, at the Fort Museum Opera House located at 1 Museum Road.

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