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The best-selling titles at Copperfield’s Books in Petaluma for the week of October 4 to October 4. 10, 2021

With a few exceptions – “A Deadly Education” by Naomi Novik 2020, “Foundation” by Isaac Asimov – Petaluma readers seem to be as enthralled with brand new releases as they are with books with one-word titles. Of the top 10 bestselling fiction and non-fiction books, eight have been released in the past three weeks and six have single word titles.

Book # 1 this week is Amor Towles’ brand new novel, “Lincoln Highway”, about a journey across the country undertaken by a quartet of unpredictable young men. Of the half-dozen unit-titled books, the best-selling book is Richard Powers’ # 2 ranked novel Bewilderment, “About a 9-year-old who has trouble bonding with his biologist father because of their mutual love for each other. Science.

What does this mean for the tastes and trends of local readers?

It’s a good question.

Here’s the full list of the top 10 books on Copperfield’s Fiction and Non-Fiction List, plus the full list of kids and young adults.


1. ‘Lincoln Highway, ‘by Amor Towles – The new novel from the author of’ A Gentleman in Moscow ‘is the story of four boys who steal cars and jump in trains across the country in search of a new beginning, with secrets revealed along the way, of course.

2. ‘Perplexity, ‘by Richard Powers – Best-selling author of’ The Overstory ‘continues his Pulitzer-winning eco-epic with an intimate novel about a biologist and his troubled 9-year-old son, bonding to science and the fate of the earth after a devastating tragedy.

3. ‘A deadly education, ‘by Naomi Novik – Yes, Novik’s fantasy novel for 2020 features a less than safe boarding school for promising young magic users, but this one, called the Scholomance – filled with terrifying, deadly monsters and a ritual of Breathtaking graduation ceremony, makes Hogwarts look like Mister Roger’s neighborhood.

4. ‘Danger, ‘by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa – The latest in a behind-the-scenes trilogy examining the start, middle and end of Trump’s tumultuous presidency, “Peril” not only details how close we are to a dictatorial dissolution successful achievement of American Democracy, it shows that this danger is far from over.

5. ‘Taste, ‘by Stanley Tucci – Brand new from the Oscar-nominated actor and cocktail-making sensation on YouTube, this delightful memoir tells the life story of the iconic artist through his relationship with food.

6. ‘Storyteller, ‘by Dave Grohl – A quirky and honest memoir from Nirvana musician Dave Grohl.

7. ‘Cuckoo Earth Cloud, ‘by Anthony Doerr – An ancient Greek manuscript inspires and inspires over thousands of years, from ancient cities to future spaceships.

8. ‘crossroads, ‘by Jonathan Franzen – Pulitzer Prize-winning author, and notoriously sneering critic of any author other than him, publishes his latest attempt to prove just how indispensable he is. This takes place in the 1970s.

9. ‘Foundation, ‘by Isaac Asimov – With the possible exception of’ Me, Robot ‘, this is the one will be remembered for the master of science fiction, a sprawling tale of the future told through the mirror of politics and power.

ten. ‘Tongue of a crow, ‘by Peter Coyote – He’s an actor, an activist, arguably the greatest documentary narrator of all time and now he’s a poet. In fact, Peter Coyote has written poems his whole life, only now can we read them in this first collection of years.


1. ‘Countdown to Halloween!‘by Charles Schulz – A brand new collection of Halloween stories inspired by comic book characters from the creator of’ Peanuts’.

2. ‘Where Diggers Trick-or-Treat?‘by Brianna Caplan Sayres – Trucks love candy too. Here’s how they get it.

3. ‘Barely haunted, ‘by Jessie Sima – The bestselling’ Not Quite Narwhal ‘author-illustrator tells the delightful story of a very old house that desperately wants to be the home of a real living family. You can’t always get what you want, but you can always be happy.

4. ‘Wild robot, ‘by Peter Brown – A prequel to the sequel to the author’s YA sci-fi adventure about a lost robot that learns to live among wild animals.

5. ‘Pony, ‘by RJ Palacio – Fron the author of “Wonder”, a new novel by YA about a boy, a pony and a ghost on a quest to save someone’s father.

6. ‘Berenstain Bear’s Big Halloween Party, ‘by Mike Berenstain – however you spell it, this bear family continues to thrill, and Halloween is a great time for it.

7. ‘Rubylic, ‘by Victoria Kann – From the author of’ Pinkalicious’ comes a whole new color.

8. ‘Magic Tree House: Dinosaurs Before Dark, ‘by Mary Pope Osborne – There’s a treehouse and dinosaurs. And it is dark.

9. ‘Dia de los Muertos, ‘by Hannah Eliot – Part two in the “Celebrate the World” series, this charming hardcover book takes a look at the annual fall vacation.

ten. ‘The Mysterious Benedict Society, ‘by Trenton Stewart – The Disney + series has made viewers curious about the books on which (not “which”, by the way) the show is based.

Data compiled by Amber-Rose Reed, editor of Copperfield’s Book.


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