Opera’s board of directors goes ahead with expansion project


At their July 8 meeting, the CL Hoover Opera Board of Directors received the feasibility study for adding the property located at 131 West 7th to the Opera House complex. The study was prepared and submitted by architect Bruce McMillan. They announced that the Council voted unanimously to go ahead with the project

This proposed expansion offers many benefits to customers and the community. The additional space will allow the expansion of the Opera’s extracurricular educational program. Two new rehearsal areas would be created. The additional space will be used to make the Opera Academy of Fine Arts a reality.

Street offices for the Junction City Little Theater and the Junction City Arts Council are included as part of this project. A dedicated studio space would be created for art classes. The addition of this property would also make it possible to reconfigure the existing spaces of the Opera, by creating boxes much closer to the stage, a larger catering kitchen and a “green room” for artists waiting to go on stage. .

At their meeting on September 9, the Opera’s board of directors voted to purchase the building at 131 W. 7th from Sheila Burdette and signed a contract to this effect. The feasibility study estimates the cost of the renovation to be approximately $ 1.75 million. Although this is done in cooperation with the town of Junction City, the opera house board is not seeking taxpayer money for the project.

Anyone who has questions or needs information to support this project should contact Director Joe Markley at CL Hoover Opera House at 785.238.3906.

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