PA Consulting unveils the design concept of a charging station for electric vehicles to accelerate the adoption of zero-emission road transport


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Inclusive and sustainable design is launched today at COP26

LONDON, November 10, 2021 / PRNewswire / – PA Consulting (PA), the consulting firm that brings ingenuity to life, today unveiled the design of a UK charging station for electric vehicles. The new charging station, developed in collaboration with the Royal College of Art (RCA), was designed as inclusive and sustainable urban furniture, with the potential to bring the electric revolution to life – a key step towards achieving net zero.

The project – sponsored by the secretary of transport Grant shapps in August 2021 – supports local authorities across the country by providing a template of good design standards for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. It was designed to enhance the charging experiences of residents, businesses and visitors.

Electric vehicle charging stations are increasingly common in the UK, but positive action is now needed to encourage wider adoption. User experience will take center stage, ensuring that charging stations are easily located and interfaces are consistent across regions and locations, so EV drivers across the country have confidence that they can charge their vehicles. vehicles simply and efficiently. The ambition of this project is to develop a design concept that could become as recognizable as the red post office box or the black taxi and accelerate the British government’s transport decarbonisation plan.

PA developed the new design from research, through concept, to prototype by leveraging its world-class innovation capabilities and facilities. This meant bringing together his human knowledge expertise, his exceptional product design and engineering ability, and his vast experience in the EV ecosystem to create a design with inclusiveness and accessibility at its core.

Six principles guided the design of the charging station; Not only did the end product have to be functional, inclusive, sustainable, adaptable and affordable, people had to love it. With that in mind, the charging station has an instantly recognizable circular handle, and the materials, size and color help it blend into the diverse UK environment, while still being visible to EV drivers. The design is influenced by heritage street furniture, introduced in the 21st century through smart technology, materials and form.

To achieve this design, PA engaged an inclusive group of existing and potential EV drivers from across the country to understand their challenges, as well as to gain the perspective of over 30 different organizations in the EV space – from manufacturers and charging station operators, local authorities and consumer groups such as Motability. This work complemented the government’s consultation on consumer experience and ensured that the design was aligned with accessibility standards, infrastructure strategy and local authority guidelines. The end product is a visible emblem to help position the UK at the forefront of advancements in electric vehicle manufacturing, charging infrastructure and battery technology.

Dan Toon, design and innovation expert at PA Consulting said:

“Quality design has the power to bring the electric revolution to life. By combining our end-to-end expertise in innovation with a focus on human-centered design principles, we spoke with motorists, consumer groups and industry to identify the real needs of people. and businesses and design a charging station that combines functionality and inclusiveness.

“Our approach puts the consumer at the heart of design; iterates quickly and testing with real people every step of the way. This is just the start. Design has a critical role to play in the journey to Net Zero.”

Warwick Goodall, transport expert and project manager at PA Consulting added:

“It’s incredibly exciting to unveil the new design concept at COP26. Combining functionality and inclusiveness, this design will have a profound impact on how we think about recharging electric vehicles and accelerate the transition to zero emission vehicles. Ultimately, this is key to reducing carbon emissions and meeting our climate change commitments. “

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PA design capabilities

Design is integral to PA’s end-to-end innovation capability, which also includes strategy, engineering, and manufacturing process improvement. We believe that by applying end-to-end design principles to all processes, organizations will remove barriers to growth and increase their impact. And in doing so, unleash the ingenuity trapped in their organizations.

For nearly 80 years, we’ve been delivering world-class design innovations. More recently, PA has enhanced its design capabilities through the acquisition of award-winning design companies Essential Design and Astro Studios. Here are some recent examples of our product designs:

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A sustainable packaging solution at low cost

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About RCA – the world’s premier art and design university

The Royal College of Art is the world’s leading art and design university. A small, specialized, research-intensive postgraduate university based in London, RCA offers more than 2,000 students unparalleled opportunities to carry out art and design projects that transform the world.

Offering masters, masters, masters and doctoral programs in the disciplines of architecture, arts and humanities, design and communications, RCA’s approach is founded on the principle that art, design, creative thinking, science, engineering and technology must all work together to solve today’s problems. World challenges.

The College employs approximately 1,000 professionals from around the world to teach and develop students in 30 academic programs; expose them to new knowledge in a way that encourages experimentation.

InnovationRCA, the academic center for enterprise, entrepreneurship, incubation and business support, has helped over 70 RCA business ideas become a reality which has led to the creation of over 750 jobs in the UK .

RCA has been named the world’s top art and design university in the QS 2021 Global Rankings for the seventh year in a row.

Along with his work at RCA, Clive grinyer is a strategic design and innovation advisor to businesses and public sector organizations, and has led design teams for Barclays Bank, Samsung, Orange and IDEO. He founded design consultancy firm Tangerine, along with former Apple Design Director and RCA Chancellor Sir Jony ive. He is supported in this design initiative by the Helen Hamlyn Center for Design, a global leader in inclusive design, design thinking and creative leadership, led by Director Rama Gheerawo.

About the Office of Zero Emission Vehicles

The Office of Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) is a joint team of the Department of Transport (DfT) and the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). He leads the government’s policy on ultra-low and zero-emission vehicles, in close collaboration with the teams of Whitehall. These include teams from the BEIS automotive and electrical network and the DfT environmental strategy team. OZEV was established in 2009, recognizing that the transition to zero emission vehicles is an issue that crosses departments and the need for close collaboration between departmental teams. The Secretary of State for Transport is the Cabinet representative for the work of OZEV.


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