Patent Leaks Reveal Futuristic All-Glass iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac Pro Tower

We may soon be looking at an all-glass iPhone, Apple Watch, and MacPro tower, realizing Jony Ive’s vision of a “one-size-fits-all glass” as the company has secured patents for all of the aforementioned devices.

Apple obviously

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First reported by Apple obviously, the The iPhone illustrations and diagrams look like something we have never seen before. The device in the illustration has the classic iPhone icon layout, with functional touchscreen buttons all around.

While we’ve seen phones with multiple displays – devices like the Microsoft Surface Duo, Samsung Galaxy Fold, or even the curved displays in the Edge line of Galaxy phones, Apple’s implementation of multiple touchscreens across the board. he device certainly looks futuristic.

What seems a little worrying is that with so many touchscreens, the problem of accidental touches persists. In addition, the screens crack on a single drop, which could make this fully touch-sensitive device rather inconvenient.. But then again, these are just patents and the real deal could be completely different.

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Alternatively, the illustrations for the Apple Watch and Mac Pro aren’t quite as fancy. The Apple Watch looks like a rectangular glass plate on a wrist with somewhat framed edges, while still retaining the iconic crown.

apple patent
Apple obviously

The MacPro looks even more boring as it only shows a 3D image vector of a larger glass slab with chamfered edges on the left and right, as well as the top and bottom, giving it the shape of an octagonal prism.

It goes without saying that these are just patents and we don’t know if we’ll see any devices that look exactly or even remotely like this one.

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