‘Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison rides with ‘Reagan’, biker rally

The guy who looks like Rick Harrison in the next film “Reagan”, is.

Harrison, the famous ‘Pawn Stars’ co-star and owner of Gold and Silver Pawn in Las Vegas, is cast as a Secret Service agent in the film, which stars Dennis Quaid like Ronald Reagan. The film should be released next year.

We will adjust expectations. Harrison is not a major character. He doesn’t play Frank Sinatra, for example (but remarkably, Scott Stapp of Creed depicts Old Blue Eyes).

“It was just a small appearance, so no preparation was needed actually,” Harrison says. “But I really enjoyed it and had a great time.”

Harrison cast his first presidential vote for Reagan, in 1984.

“Reagan was absolutely amazing,” Harrison says. “He overthrew the Soviet Union, the greatest military threat, without firing a shot. When I was a kid, I thought there would be a nuclear war, so I was very grateful that it didn’t happen.

Harrison’s cameo role is the result of an episode of “Pawn Stars” filmed last winter. Quaid and Harrison met in Las Vegas in December to bank an episode that ultimately aired May 3.

Quaid took a look at some Reagan memorabilia on display at Gold and Silver, including a pilot’s cap, a St. Genesis (patron saint of actors) pendant, and a letter Reagan wrote to an ex-girlfriend. Quaid offered $2,750 and dinner for the pendant, Harrison accepted, and the crew found themselves at by Barry Dakake Barry’s Downtown Prime Circa.

Suffice to say, Quaid and Harrison hit it off in Vegas. That shoot and dinner led to Harrison starring as a Secret Service agent in “Reagan.” Quaid, producer of “Reagan” Mark Joseph and producer of “Pawn Stars” Tracy Whittaker all felt that Harrison would be great to include in the film project, even in a limited role.

So Harrison shaved off his goatee and took part in the scenes set at Reagan’s Rancho Del Cielo in Santa Barbara, Calif., in February.

Before Harrison’s work as a comedian reaches the public, he hosts an event focused on two of his main passions – charity and motorcycles. His seventh annual Pawn Stars Poker Run for the Hundley Epilepsy Foundation begins Saturday morning at Gold and Silver Pawn. Registration is at 9:30 a.m. and the “standing kick” at 10 a.m.

The format is that motorcycle participants must visit five checkpoints, drawing a playing card at each. The goal is to have the best or worst hand at the end of the round. Best hand pays $2000, worst hand pays $1000 (registration, card and info can be found at pokerrun7.eventbrite.com).

Stops include Porchlight Grille on West Sahara Avenue, Backyard on Water Street in Henderson, and the legendary Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings, then return to Gold and Silver for the post-event party at 1:30 p.m.

The charity was founded by former UCLA star and NFL QB Brett Hundley, most recently on the Arizona Cardinals roster. Harrison suffered from epilepsy as a child, and much of her 2011 autobiography, “Licensed to Pawn,” chronicles those challenges.

“It’s so hard for a kid to grow up with epilepsy, have a seizure, and wet your pants in front of your friends,” Harrison says. “You are constantly in a daze from the drugs, the teachers are looking for you for drugs. It’s very difficult, very embarrassing, and that’s why we organize these events.

Harrison has been riding motorcycles since he was 12 years old. It’s a biker, not a ballroom, a fundraiser.

“When we started doing this, we didn’t want to be in tuxes and dresses,” he says. “It’s a very fun and informal time, and it helps a lot of families.”

As they say, treat us.

BFG on the road

rock legend Billy F. Gibbons reports from Nashville that the May 16 tribute show held at the Grand Ole Opry in his honor was a resounding success.

“We got it in one take and the producers were like, ‘That’s fine,'” Gibbons said in a Tuesday call. “That’s all you can ask for.”

The show, “A Tribute To Billy Gibbons”, featured the aforementioned Quaid, as well as Brad Paisley, Eric Church, Jimmie Vaughan, Larkin Poe, Lucinda Williams, Ronnie Milsap, Travis Tritt, Tim Montana and Guthrie Trapp. A broadcast/streaming platform and a date must be announced.

Gibbons participated in a high-volume motorcycle event, the Tennessee Motorcycles & Music Revival (TMMR), over the weekend. Gibbons appeared with his side project, The BFGs. The event took place at Loretta Lynn’s 3,500-acre ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, outside of Nashville.

“We had 10,000 people through the door, a huge gathering of motorcycles,” said Gibbons, who lives in Las Vegas. “Loretta Lynn’s personal home, the log cabin she grew up in, has been moved there. It was a great bonus to our visit.”

Gibbons said more High ZZ The album will be released following the release of Gibbons’ “Hardware” album on June 4. We expect the new album to coincide with the band’s return to the stage October 8-16 at the Venetian Theater, but release plans are unconfirmed.

Dani Sauer

Entertainment royalty were represented on stage last week at the band face show at Harrah’s Showroom. Too bad no one in the audience did this nice stunt casting.

Danielle Lewis, daughter of entertainment legend Jerry Lewis, performed the role of the dinosaur during Wednesday’s performance. She ran to the stage, then shot confetti with a tube. All of this is in the right context in the Tape Face show.

Turns out the headliner, the legal name of samwills, needed someone to play dinosaur for a night, so he found the closest Lewis. This is happening in the Vegas entertainment community.

“The stage is a passion of mine and I will jump at any opportunity to be on stage,” Lewis said. “I had so much fun in the process, along with some of my closest friends.”

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