Porsche 911 ‘Super Off-Road Challenge Concept’ by Hakosan Design

In January 2021, Singer Vehicle Design teamed up with Porsche rally specialist Richard Tuthill to deliver what the pair dubbed “the study of off-road competition” – a twin-turbocharged 964-gen Safari-spec 911. of 450 hp. And while the ATCS project was largely inspired by Porsche’s Dakar-winning 959 driver, Singer’s futuristic off-roader in turn directly inspired the latest work by acclaimed concept artist Luis González of Spain’s Hakosan Design.

Dubbed the ”Super Off-Road Challenge Concept”, Luis started the project with a 3D model of a ’90s 993, but has since treated the donor 911 to a 1,000hp all-electric powertrain sourced from an Extreme E. machine – an international FIA-sanctioned off-road racing series that promotes electric-silhouetted SUVs in extreme environments. Drawing inspiration from the design of the 959 itself, the concept’s sleek, aerodynamic body features a forged carbon front splitter and ultra-flared fenders to accommodate the build’s tires and lift kit.

The Porsche also received a host of off-road-focused elements, such as a hood-mounted LED light module setup and a front skid plate. Thanks to the absence of the 911’s regular flat-six engine under the rear boot lid, the Alicante-based artist was also able to give the car’s engine bay and traditional duck-tail spoiler – which is now made from forged carbon – a large cutout that allows it to accommodate a full size spare wheel. Hakosan even treated the concept with a cyberpunk-style interior with a set of perforated racing seats, a flat-bottomed steering wheel, HUD-style instrumentation and a co-pilot display and center console with green backlighting. The Spanish studio also tapped digital designer Nikolay Ostanin to concoct the concept’s rubber-wrapped six-spoke all-terrain wheels.

As usual, Luis delivered a absolutely stunning a rendering as beautifully designed and thought out as it is brilliantly executed. And, based on how Safari-style 911s lend themselves to futuristic designs, we’re extremely excited about what Porsche has in store for the next iteration of the rear-engined off-roader.

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Photo: Hakosan Design
Photo: Hakosan Design
Photo: Hakosan Design

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