PSILO Partners with Capital Rx and Wire Health to Bring Prescription Discounts to the Metaverse

Metaverse Prescription Map

“It’s the first pharmaceutical solution at the intersection of web3, art and storytelling,” says Scott Muir, medical advisor at Psilo.

PSILO, a brand new sci-fi metaverse, reimagines a future where health utility and NFT storytelling collide. Together with Capital Rxa health technology company that is changing prescription drug pricing and Thread Healtha leading healthcare organization, Psilo brings the first unique way to use your NFTs to access the best prices for your prescription drugs in the Metaverse.

“It’s the first pharmaceutical solution at the intersection of web3, art and storytelling,” says Scott Muir, MD adviser to Psilo. “In the future, medicines will be more accessible, and with, the future is now.”

Created on May 2, 2022, this new card, powered by award-winning health technology innovator Capital Rx, can help patients save up to 90% on their prescriptions. Simply present your card to the pharmacist to unlock discounts on most medications. “Our goal is to make sure more Americans can pay for their prescriptions, whether over the counter at the pharmacy or in the metaverse,” said Sara Ganz, Product Manager Discount Card at Capital Rx, “This is the first prescription savings option based on a transparent pricing model, eliminating high fees commonly and secretly passed on to patients and pharmacies in prescription programs. traditional reduction.”

Michelle Bernabe, RN, The Chief Innovation Officer at Wire Health, who designed the card, says the combination of visionary blockchain projects, like Psilo, and disruptive health tech companies, like Capital Rx, are necessary collaborations to practice a fairer future. “Imagining compelling new realities through science fiction challenges communities to act alongside brave business models and build better systems today.”

This revolutionary NFT-enabled prescription solution has also been supported by the Hershey, PA-based health and wellness consulting firm. AdvantagesDNA.

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About Capital Rx

Capital Rx is built around a mission to change the way prescription drugs are priced and patients are served. A health technology company that dares to reinvent the pharmaceutical benefits industry, Capital Rx fulfills this mission through its Clearinghouse Model® – the first fair framework for drug pricing. Capital Rx’s enterprise pharmacy platform, JUDI™, connects all aspects of the pharmacy ecosystem into a single platform, enabling patient engagement and increasing efficiency to achieve the highest standards of clinical care. high. For more information, visit

About the wire

Wire Health is a relentlessly creative healthcare company that leverages technology to deliver value-based care solutions and positive systemic change in healthcare. Wire Health’s primary goal is to optimize mental health outcomes through personalized holistic care delivered with compassion. For more information, visit

About Psilo

Psilo is a sci-fi multimedia company that starts with a collection of 3D NFT avatars of 3 species of ultra-unique characters. However, Psilo isn’t just an NFT collection, it’s a movement. We take amazing 3D art, a web3 platform dedicated to supporting mental health and building a sci-fi franchise. NFTs are just the start of the Psilo empire. For more information, visit

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