Raised By Wolves season 2 to release on HBO Max in early 2022


A new promo for Ridley Scott-produced sci-fi drama series Raised by Wolves teases an early 2022 premiere date on HBO Max.

Product Season 2 Ridley Scott Raised by wolves will air on HBO Max in early 2022. Created by Aaron Guzikowski, season 1 of the sci-fi drama premiered via the streaming service on September 3, 2020. Thanks to a slew of generally favorable reviews, Raised by wolves was quickly renewed for another season.

Raised by wolves Season 1 starred Amanda Collin, Abubakar Salim, Winta McGrath, Niamh Algar, Travis Fimmel, Jordan Loughran, Felix Jamieson, Ethan Hazzard, Aasiya Shah, Ivy Wong and Matias Varela. Its story followed two androids, called Mother (Collin) and Father (Salim), who are tasked with raising atheist children on Kepler-22b after the land was destroyed by a war between a religious faction, the Mithraics, and atheists. Ripe with biblical allusions and perhaps vague ties to Scott Extraterrestrial and Blade runner timelines, the slowness of Season 1 set up a huge and very different Season 2. Filming for Season 2 ended in August.

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HBO Max Raised by wolves returns for Season 2 in early 2022 (via Collider). This news is courtesy of a teaser billed as a preview of the ‘Season 1 Caught Control’ before Dune, which premiered on the streamer Thursday night. No official release date or other new details for the upcoming season have been released. Discover the promo below:

A handful of new characters have been launched Raised by wolves season 2. Selina Jones will play a god-like android grandmother, Peter Christoffersen an atheist soldier, Cleaver, Morgan Santo a rebellious modeled android, Tendril, James Harkness another soldier, Tamerlan, Kim Engelbrecht a prominent and immoral scientist, Decima , and Jennifer Saayeng will play Nerva, at the head of an underground network of goods and services. It remains to be seen how these characters and their stories intersect with that of Mother and Father. However, it seems that most of them arrived in the Kepler 22b tropical zone.

At the end of Raised by wolves season 1, the mother’s baby turned out to be a dangerous snake-like being. In an attempt to destroy the mysterious alien creature, Mother and Father flew over their space through the core of Kepler 22b, only to emerge on the other side of the planet. An official season 2 synopsis reads: “The mother and father android partners, along with their offspring of six human children, will join a newly formed atheist colony in the mysterious tropical zone of Kepler 22b. In the midst of navigating the strange society, the mother’s “natural child” ends up threatening to drive out any tiny remnant of human existence.. “Fans have given up waiting for an official trailer and release date, which should be unveiled as soon as possible.

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