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New Year’s celebrations are muffled by Omicron, but South Africa offers hope

Although the farewell celebrations to the pandemic year 2021 were almost as stifled as those that ushered in, news that the Omicron variant wave appeared to be starting to recede has raised hopes for a new year. Happier. The Australian city of Sydney was a place where the New Years loaded with something like full bluster, as spectacular fireworks sparkled in the harbor above the Opera House.

Biden says he warned Putin about Ukraine’s ‘high price’

President Joe Biden said on Friday that he told his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin that a move on Ukraine would lead to sanctions and an increased US presence in Europe, where tensions are high after Russia’s military build-up on the border.

U.S. and Russian leaders on Thursday exchanged warnings over Ukraine during a 50-minute call to address Russian military actions.

France says Iran space launch “regrettable” amid nuclear talks

France condemned Iran’s satellite rocket launch on Friday and said it was “all the more regrettable” as nuclear talks with world powers progressed, echoing concerns expressed by the United States and the United States. ‘Germany. Iran said Thursday it used a satellite launch rocket to send three research devices into space, as indirect talks between the United States and Iran take place in Austria to try to salvage a nuclear deal from 2015.

Iranian space launch fails to put payloads into orbit, official says

Iran’s space launch on Thursday failed to put its three payloads into orbit after the rocket failed to reach required speed, a Defense Ministry spokesperson said in remarks on Friday. broadcast on state television. The launch attempt, which comes as indirect US-Iran talks take place in Austria in an attempt to salvage a 2015 nuclear deal, has drawn criticism from the United States, Germany and France.

US, EU condemn move to shut down Russian human rights group Memorial

The United States, the European Union, Australia, Canada and Britain on Friday condemned Russian court decisions to shut down the country’s oldest human rights group, Memorial and its sister organization, the Memorial Human Rights Center. “For more than three decades, Memorial has played a unique role in documenting historic crimes and retrieving for posterity the memory of tens of millions of victims of political repression in the country,” the countries said in a statement. spouse released Friday evening.

North Korea’s Kim talks about food, not nuclear weapons for 2022

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un closed his 10th year in office with a speech that made more mention of tractor factories and school uniforms than nuclear weapons or the United States, according to summaries released by state media on Saturday. . North Korea’s main goals for 2022 will be to jumpstart economic development and improve people’s lives as it faces a “great struggle to the death,” Kim said in a speech at the Friday. from the 4th plenary meeting of the 8th Central Committee. of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK), which kicked off on Monday.

Activists salute South Africa’s Tutu legacy as they pay final tribute

Young activists hailed Archbishop Desmond Tutu as a role model in the fight against global injustice as they lined up on Friday to pay their last respects to the anti-apartheid hero whose body lay in St George’s Cathedral in Cape Town. Tutu, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate widely revered across racial and cultural divisions in South Africa for his moral righteousness and principled fight against the white minority regime, died on Sunday https: //www.reuters .com / world / africa / tears-tutu-giant-struggle-neighbor-who-brought-the-groceries-2021-12-29 years old 90.

Canada to resettle Afghan women judges and families living in limbo

Canada will host female Afghan judges and their families who have been living in limbo, mostly in Greece, since their evacuation from Afghanistan in the fall, a spokesperson for the immigration minister said on Friday. In addition to the judges and their families, a group totaling approximately 230, Canada will also resettle an unknown number of Afghans from the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer communities who had been referred by a third-party aid agency, the said the spokesperson.

UK pays tribute to COVID scientists and doctors, Bond actor Daniel Craig

Britain has recognized scientists and medical leaders at the forefront of the battle against COVID-19 in Queen Elizabeth’s annual New Year’s list of honors, while James Bond actor Daniel Craig received the same award as his famous on-screen character. Craig, who stepped down from the role of the fictional British spy after five outings following the release of “No Time to Die” this year, has been appointed Companion of the Order of St. Michael and St. George (CMG) in recognition of his exceptional contribution to film.

Biden says he made it clear to Putin that Russia cannot act against Ukraine

US President Joe Biden said on Friday that he had made it clear to Russian President Vladimir Putin in his appeal a day earlier that he could “move on to Ukraine”.

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