‘Star Wars’ and Headspace want you to practice mindfulness as if you were in a galaxy far, far away

Do you feel like Kylo Ren but would like to be as happy as Yoda? That the force – and that the new Headspace star wars collaboration — to be with you. Yes, May 4th is here for another year, which means celebrating like you’re in a galaxy far, far away. Or, with this new suite of mindfulness tools, meditate like a Jedi and fall asleep to the sound of porgs.

Already essential for mindfulness and meditation, Headspace has partnered with star wars franchise to mark the most important date for fans of the space opera saga – and make sure everyone is cool, calm and collected while doing so. If you are keen to de-stress, these are indeed the breathing exercises and sleepwalkers you are looking for.

On offer from Wednesday, May 4 — when else? – the one- to five-minute breathing exercises all feature cute animated clips with Yoda, Chewbacca, R2-D2, and BB-8. In the Yoda-led exercise, you’ll find your focus while watching a levitating X-Wing. In the Chewie version, you’ll be transported to his home planet Kashyyyk, then use your breath to bring the forest to life. Exercise R2-D2 flashes the cute little robot as you inhale, recharge, and reset – and BB-8 rolls it the same way.

(Note that C-3PO is not included, as this droid cannot help anyone relax.)

Prefer to banish the dark side via sleepcasts? You have three options there, all of which use famous sounds that you will recognize from the star wars movies. X-Wing Travel is pretty self-explanatory, taking you around the star wars galaxy in one of the eponymous starships – and traveling to a different planet each chapter.

With tatooine sunsetinstead, you’ll focus on this particular planet, exploring everything from its endless sea of ​​dunes to its moisture farms. And through Ahch-To Islands, you will fall asleep while visiting the very first Jedi temple. If you saw Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens, you’ll recall this is where Luke Skywalker ventured when he was in solitary confinement. And yes, you will hear porgs. Of course you will.

To access all of the above, you’ll need to sign up for Headspace – but it works a limited-time 30-day free trial offer starting Wednesday, May 4. And yes, it’s the answer to the plea you never uttered: “help me star wars-Headspace-themed content, you are my only hope of finding happiness.”

To access new Star Wars content from Headspace beginning Wednesday, May 4, head over to the service’s website or application.

Top image: Star Wars: Episode IX—The Rise of Skywalker. (c) 2019 and TM Lucasfilm Ltd.

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Sarah Ward

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