Starfield offers something different from Mass Effect 4 and The Outer Worlds 2

Bethesda announced star field during E3 2018, having started development in 2015. The game will be released next year, and fans got a decent preview of the sci-fi RPG during the Xbox and Bethesda showcase in June – including some glimpses of land and space combat, colony building, a perks system, and more. While fans still don’t know a lot about the upcoming game, what Bethesda has shared so far is enough to give them an idea of ​​what to expect, especially compared to other space titles in the pipeline. road course.


It’s tempting to compare star field to other upcoming sci-fi games like Mass Effect 4 and The Outer Worlds 2, which were considered direct competitors. While that makes sense at first glance, the similarities start to fade when you look a little closer. star field may offer something very different from its purported competitors, to the point that it might not make sense to consider them as competitors.

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Starfield aesthetics

A few things make Bethesda’s upcoming title stand out from its would-be rivals, including star fieldthe “NASA Punk” aesthetic. Mass Effect was inspired by space operas like star wars and the Fifth element, featuring futuristic architecture, flying cars and epic space battles. During this time, the Outer Worlds is a retro-futuristic space western where people wear bowler hats and companies advertise their products on posters inspired by the early 20th century. However, star field has a more realistic art direction, with ships, robots, and suits that look more like NASA prototypes than anything else star wars.

These aesthetic choices aren’t just visual touches, they say a lot about who he wants to be. Mass Effect doesn’t just look like a space opera; it’s a space opera, with larger-than-life heroes and villains battling to save or destroy the entire galaxy. During this time, the Outer Worlds is a western space at its heart, with the corporations of the Halcyon system fulfilling the role of robber barons of the Wild West. Even clumping Mass Effect 4 and the Outer Worlds 2 in a single genre seems strange.

Bethesda fans don’t know much yet star fieldthe plot, but many assume that star fieldNASA’s punk aesthetic points to a more grounded plot. Bethesda also indicated that the game’s story will focus on humanity’s place in the galaxy, with Todd Howard saying “and now man lives among the stars: what does that mean?” Some fans took this to mean that star fieldcentral conflict will have more to do with politics and philosophy than saving the galaxy from a Mass Effect-style existential threat. The game also seems to have a more realistic atmosphere than the satirical one. Outer Worlds.

These three games still belong to the science fiction category. However, they clearly aim to offer very different experiences. Moreover, these differences are significant enough that it is unreasonable to regard them as direct competitors or to judge one by the standards of another.

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Starfield Gameplay

The gameplay will obviously be a big point of comparison between these three games. The Mass Effect trilogy is a third person shooter, with Andromeda have a more timing-based combat system. Fans don’t know enough Mass Effect 4 guess what its gameplay will look like, but it probably won’t be a Bethesda-style RPG. Just as it would be unfair to criticize Fallout 4 for not being a good armament of war game, there is a limit to the value of comparisons between star field and Mass Effect 4 perhaps.

However, this is where the similarities between star field and The Outer Worlds are the most obvious, with both being Bethesda-style first-person shooter RPGs. The Outer Worlds has a Mass Effect-Three-character party style, while Starfield features space battles and base building reminiscent Fallout 4 and Fallout 76. However, there is no denying the similarities in their core experience.

However, it’s not like the two games are just shooters. While some people describe The Outer Worlds an “open world” game, it’s best described as a semi-open, hub-based RPG. The same applies to Mass Effect: Andromedawith the Mass Effect the trilogy also being hub-based. Although neither Obsidian nor BioWare has confirmed this, it is reasonable to assume that The Outer Worlds 2 and Mass Effect 4 will have a similar format.

Meanwhile, star field is an expanded, galactic-scale Bethesda RPG with over 1,000 procedurally generated planets. Whether fans think it’s a good idea or not, Bethesda wants Starfield to be a true open-world RPG everywhere. star field still has a narrower focus than games like No Man’s Sky and Elite Dangerousbut its procedurally generated universe offers a similar experience for those who want it.

Todd Howard also described star field as having what IGN’s Joe Skrebels called a “golden highway” of crafted content like a typical Bethesda RPG. However, star field nevertheless aims at a much larger scale than The Outer Worlds 2 and Mass Effect 4. While players who stick with the Golden Highway may have a similar experience to others, it may not be everything Bethesda wants. star field be.

None of this is to say fans can’t or shouldn’t draw comparisons between star field, The Outer Worlds 2and Mass Effect 4, because it is also possible that the three are more similar than it seems. You could even say that they are always competing for the attention of a similar audience. However, star field looks quite different from Mass Effect 4 and the Outer Worlds 2 that treating them as rivals might not be particularly helpful.

star field launches on PC and Xbox Series X/S in 2023.

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