Starring February 20: Epix’s sci-fi drama

Harold Perrineau in From

Harold Perrineau in From
Photo: Epix

Here’s what’s happening in the TV world for Sunday, February 20. All times are Eastern Time.

The best choice

From (EPIX, 10 p.m.): Executive produced by thand Russo Brothers, From stars Lost‘s Harold Perrineau in another sci-fi drama. This one takes place in a nightmarish town in central America that traps everyone who enters. Residents must also contend with surrounding forest threats, including terrifying nocturnal creatures. In her review, Leila Latif writes:

“There’s a balance to be struck with a horror series: you have to be able to subject your characters to indescribable terrors and trap them in torturous, multi-episode nightmares, but provide enough of a glimmer of hope to make them continue to fight. The world around them cannot descend into a hell so absolute that no one would choose to remain there alive. The new Epix series From gets very close to the latter, where trying to stay alive sometimes seems like a wild ride, but he mostly walks that tightrope without tipping over into unrelenting misery.

Regular coverage

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Savage vsARDS

abraham lincoln (History, 8 p.m.): This three-night, nearly eight-hour documentary event is based on historian Doris Kearns Goodwin’s book Leadership: in turbulent times. Graham Sibley stars as Honest Abe in the show, which includes interviews with former President Barack Obama, among others. Watch to see how many “Honest Abe” stories– like him walking for miles to give someone’s change, for example– are actually true.

Around the world in 80 days (PBS, 8 p.m.): The season finale is out. Frustratingly, changes to Aouda’s (Shivaani Ghai) story mean she doesn’t make it into the finale. It’s weird how the times Indian girl gets cast as a character, she becomes useless to the plot. I don’t know why changing the narrative had to exclude one of the few women of color from the Western canon, but the show is getting a second season, so maybe that will change. We will seee.

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