StayQrious launches the world’s first Neoschool to make world-class education accessible to everyone

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], January 20 (ANI/NewsSee): With the vision of making education at international standards accessible to all, StayQrious, an ed-tech start-up, launched the concept of a Neoschool. A Neoschool is an online school that teaches children real-world skills, social confidence, and learning mindsets that regular schools and tuition don’t teach. Children who attend StayQrious online Neoschool in the evening with their regular school upgrade and have access to an international standard education for a fraction of the cost.

With an ever-increasing share of spending on further education due to the growing need for out-of-school learning, driven by growing aspirations and demands for an international standard education, it becomes important to offer more than conventional subjects and repetition classes. StayQrious, with its unique hands-on, brain science-based teaching methodology, trains children in small 1:6 blended classes on key skills such as conceptual thinking, collaborative problem solving, scientific thinking, etc

A dedicated “learning coach” trains children to work as a team and communicate with courage, trains them to have the emotional mindset to handle future uncertainty and, most importantly, teaches them skills for effective study so that they can teach themselves everything they need for the future. Commenting on the launch of Neoschool Aanand Srinivas, the Founder and CEO of StayQrious said, “Today, millions of parents are frustrated with traditional schools and want to give their child a better education. They want their child to develop social skills, learning skills, They want their child to have access to a progressive teaching methodology, in an environment that respects their mental well-being and does not compromise it for gain short-term notes. The closest option to solve this problem today is an international standard school, but the obstacles to moving to such a school are many. I am in this market myself and found it difficult to find a satisfactory solution due to the exorbitant cost of these schools (4 lakhs and up) and their limited availability. Our vision with the Neoschool StayQrious is to create an international online school infrastructure and make it accessible so that sending our children to an online Neoschool in the evening for just a few hours a week will be much better both financially and for the our child’s learning outcomes than changing schools.”

Speaking of the growth Neoschool has witnessed, he added, “We have seen a 1000% increase in enrollment, extremely overwhelmed with learning outcomes and genuine student happiness. Seeing the outstanding positive feedback from parents , we have accelerated our efforts in the curriculum to add more emerging areas and critical skills in collaboration with learning scientists from Stanford to deliver the best K-12 educational experience India has ever seen .” The founding team of StayQrious brings over seven years of experience dedicated to the most powerful online learning content and pedagogy, having held leadership positions in organizations such as Byju’s and Khan Academy. StayQrious is pioneering a unique approach to teaching core STEM subjects like science with a major focus on experiential learning, social thinking and applicability, it strives for a major overhaul of the existing education system , which is largely based on archaic curricula and teaching methods.

Established in 2020, StayQrious Neoschool is the world’s first brain science-based school that helps children develop key social skills, learning skills and knowledge that their schools cannot provide. It is founded by Aanand Srinivas, a former chief content officer at Khan Academy and one of the country’s most beloved teachers. StayQrious Neoschool is backed by Y-Combinator and early investors from Tesla, SpaceX, Coursera and more. The Neoschool is a completely online school that offers children aged 8 to 14 years old access to the teaching methodologies used in the best schools in the world such as the Ad astra school of Elon Musk or the Khan laboratory school of Sal Khan to help them develop real-world skills and learning mindsets.

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