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Graduates of the Lekki Koran Memorization College flanked by the Chief Imam of the Lekki Muslim Ummah Central Mosque (LEMU), Imam Ridwan Jamiu (left) and guest lecturer Dr Munirudeen Salahudeen Ar-Riyaadby , during the convocation ceremony of Lekki Quran Memorization College held at the Central Mosque of Lekki Muslim Ummah (LEMU), Lekki, Lagos.

• LEMU produces seven teenage hafidhul Koran

Lekki Qur’an Memorization College graduated seven teenagers who managed to memorize entire chapters of the Holy Qur’an and Hadiths.

Lekki Muslim Ummah (LEMU) established the school in 2016, for the memorization of the entire Quran, as part of his ongoing efforts to expand the frontiers of Islamic knowledge and reform society.

The graduates, Abdul-Wadud Akolade, Mubarak Ambali, Abdurahman Oladeji, Yusrohllah Lawal, Teslim Bello, AbdulGaffar Dawodu and Mohammed Oyewale, after being tested, demonstrated skill and God’s blessings bestowed upon them knowledge of the Noble Quran. The audience was amazed when Quranic verses were chosen at random and the graduate students read them fluently, which testified to their knowledge of the Holy Quran.

Addressing students, parents and guests at the Lagos State College convening in 2021, Director of Studies Imam Ridwan Jamiu said that in order for Muslims to claim their lost glory, they must turn to the Koran, its memorization, study and application.

The scholar noted that Muslims were the main cultivators of science, medicine, education, and civilization. He added that Muslim scholars and scientists motivated by the revelation of the Quran spurred the first international scientific revolution, which encouraged the study of science and the pursuit of knowledge.

“Muslims developed the religious and physical sciences, which ushered in the modern scientific revolution. Without an instrument like the astrolabe developed by Muslim scientists, Christopher Columbus would not be able to navigate to discover America.

He said that Islamic civilization influenced the European renaissance and the birth of the Age of Enlightenment. The pillar of Islamic civilization is the Koran

“The need to determine the direction of Qiblah in areas remote from Mecca prompted the creation of the compass. The need to achieve precision in determining inheritance as described in the Quran led to the mathematical concept of algebra. The first hospital in Paris was built after the Europeans returned from Jerusalem for a crusade where they had discovered Muslim culture and knowledge.

“Muslim scholars were translating, analyzing, experimenting and relying on the Greek scientific hypothesis when Europe was still in its dark ages and in the grip of the church which was killing scientists like deviants.

“The world’s first university was introduced by Muslims. The first European scientists were students of Islamic civilization. According to the BBC’s online site, the word algorithm is derived from the name of the Persian Muslim mathematician al-Khwarizmi.

Jamiu noted that some of the oldest and most advanced hospitals were built in Baghdad, Isfahan and Cairo at the beginning of the Islamic centuries. The doctors were highly trained and worked hard to fully understand the illnesses, injuries and treatments.

“Many Muslim doctors have published influential works on medicine, for example: Al Razi made important discoveries about smallpox and is the first known author of a book on childhood illnesses.

“Al-Zahrawi designed new surgical tools and wrote a manual that has been used by surgeons for hundreds of years. Ibn Sina completed a huge medical encyclopedia in 1025, which was still in use in European medical schools in the 1600s. Ibn Nafis wrote about the circulation of blood in the 1200s, long before Western physicians understood it. . Science and Islam have never been contradictory but complementary.

He added that it has been rightly observed that science without religion is blind and religion without science is lame. Science is in fact the methodological and analytical study of the Signs of Allah (SWT) in nature and creature for the benefit of humans here and beyond.

Guest speaker, founder of ZamZam Academy and lecturer, Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, Dr Salaudeen Munirudeen Al-Riyadh urged religious scholars, government and guardians to instill in the younger generation the teachings of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah, which is the panacea. for all the evils facing society.

He advised graduates to always consider knowledge of the Holy Quran in their future endeavors.

“The majority of them will not be an imam in the future, we have some who want to be engineers, doctors, lecturers, which is different from an imam who always reads the Holy Quran”

He urged parents of graduates to make an effort to take the necessary precautions to ensure that graduates do not forget what they have memorized.

“These children are too young to understand their role in society as Quran memorizers, it is the role of their parents to guide them and make sure that they do not go astray. Create an opportunity that will encourage them to review what they have memorized.

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