Taika Waititi to direct Incal film based on graphic novel


Renowned filmmaker Taika Waititi was asked to write and direct a film adaptation of the famous graphic novel by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Moebius The Incal. The news came out earlier today and surprised fans. Franco-Chilean filmmaker and novelist Alejandro Jodorowsky himself broke the news. Humanoids, the longtime publisher of The Incal, produced the film adaptation. Waititi will write the screenplay with frequent collaborators Jemaine Clément (What we do in the shadows) and Peter Warren (Ghost team). Jodorowsky will be involved in the project, but being 92 years old, he will only serve as a consultant. Check out the following clip of Jodorowsky and Waititi talking about bringing The Incal on the big screen.

Video opens with Jodorowsky talking about his failure Dune adaptation. As many remember, in the 1970s Jodorowsky tried unsuccessfully to adapt the work of Frank Herbert Dune like a movie. He ended up writing a screenplay that would have spawned a 14 hour film. However, Jodorowsky teamed up with illustrator Moebius (Jean Giraud) and used themes and illustrations from his Dune script to create a series of graphic novels, The Incal.

As Variety reports, The Incal focuses on a private investigator, John Difool, who stumbles upon a mystical artifact known as the Incal, an object of great power coveted by many factions across the galaxy. As Difool discovers the powers and purpose of the Incal, he teams up with a motley team on a mission to save the universe.

The novel is an epic space opera that incorporates intergalactic travel, technology, politics, conspiracies, and satire with great success. He is widely regarded as one of the best graphic novels of all time, and his influence can be seen in several films like Blade runner and The fifth Element. Jodorowsky has given Waititi his seal of approval and looks forward to what he will do. Here is what Jodorowsky said in a statement,

“When Humanoids CEO Fabrice Giger introduced me to Taika Waititi’s work, it became obvious to me that it was him. I have full confidence in Taika’s creativity to give The Incal a grip. breathtaking view, intimate and at the same time of cosmic proportions. “

Giger himself is delighted to bring The Incal to life, saying, “It started as the adventures of an idiot named John Difool, and then it turned into something else – we called it ‘The Incal’ – something that transformed everything in it. has never touched and continues to do so: its creators, the other artists who later became a part of John’s journey, his editor Humanoids and myself in the process, countless readers, writers and directors across the world , and soon, I believe, the great Taika Waititi himself and all who look to him for inspiration. “

Waititi added: “The films and graphic novels of Alejandro Jodorowsky have influenced me and so many others for so long. I was amazed to have the opportunity to bring his iconic characters to life and I am grateful. to Alejandro, Fabrice and everyone at Humanoïdes for trusting me to do it. “

Taika Waititi, who recently finished filming Thor: Love and Thunder, has a lot on his plate for years to come, including live adaptations of Akira, Flash Gordon, a Star wars film, and several other projects. It remains to be seen when he will start working on The Incal and it is not known when it will arrive in theaters. Stay tuned for more news. This news comes to us via The Envelope.

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