Tani Adewumi wins second IM standard and strives for GM’s youngest record

11-year-old FM Tanitoluwa Adewumi earned his second IM Standard, of the three required to win the coveted International Masters title, at the NY Summer Invitational IM C closed round robin that ended on July 11, 2022. He won the tournament. in the clear lead with 7/9 points, the only undefeated player on the pitch and ahead of three international masters.

Adewumi smiling after the victory with her standard certificate. Photo: courtesy of the Adewumi family.

The tournament started off with a bang as the wonderkid won his first three games to take an early lead. His second-round win over IM Levy Rozman (@GothamChess) with the black pieces demonstrated the strategy of meeting a flank attack with a center strike. As Rozman launched an attack on the kingside, the popular streamer and content creator suddenly encountered the thematic Sicilian ….d5 pawn break, and an unfortunate reaction allowed the young master to prevail with a blazing attack and a satisfying final burst of tactics.

Her quickest victory came in the fifth round, where Adewumi showed her ability to play on both sides of the board. After pushing his h-pawn to h5, he then sent his b-pawn forward to gain space on the queenside. The pressure mounted until she came up with a miniature in 24 moves. The culminating 23.Nxc4! tactics were peanuts for the young player who scored as high as 51 in 3 minutes Puzzle Rush.

Young Adewumi’s talents were noticed early on by the chess community, but how far a prodigy will go remains a question until he proves himself, often against the backdrop of the many surprising accomplishments of others. The Nigerian-American refugee came to national attention when the New York Times covered his inspirational win in his section of the New York State Elementary School Championship. He had only learned the rules less than a year before and was living in a homeless shelter in Manhattan with his family at the time.

Their page on gofundme.com raised over $250,000, blowing the original goal of $50,000, and in 2020 he and his family released a book celebrating the young talent’s accomplishments in such a short time. despite extreme obstacles: My name is Tani. . . and i believe in miracles.

Standard FM Tani Adewumi IM
Tani’s book. Picture: Amazon.com.

He then earned his National Masters title at the age of 10, once again reclaiming national attention. In the Chess Club of Fairfield County Championship 2021, he defeated IM Justin Sarkar in the very first round and, needing only a draw in the final round to clinch the title, declined his opponent’s tentative offer of peace. . He got up, walked over to check the board next to him, and came back to win the game in style. His opponent in this final round was the author of those same words.

The young star went on to secure his FIDE Master title by winning the Under-12 division of the North American Youth Chess Championship, with 7/9 and a point above the pack. He broke the 2300 rating mark in May 2022, at the same tournament where he achieved his first IM standard.

He earned his first IM standard after tying GM Mark Paragua first with 7/9 at the 2022 New York Spring Invitational closed IM D round robin. He earned 127 rating points (!) and played at 2458 Chesskid gives full details and a digestible analysis of his games here, or you can read his own blog here.

Dr. Daaim Shabazz wrote on thechessdrum.net:

“Winning his first IM standard at 11 is magnificent for any player, but for a player of African descent it shows that when the resources are available there are more opportunities to succeed. The determination, the passion and discipline are other attributes. . It seems that Tani has all the qualities necessary to progress in his quest to become a grandmaster.”

It seems that Tani has all the qualities needed to progress in her quest to become a grandmaster.
— Dr. Daaim Shabazz

Adewumi has pretty much garnered national attention since he started acting. Photo: Mike Klein/Chess.com.

Several other players, including grandmasters, left their boards to congratulate the young champion after achieving his second IM standard with a quick draw in the final round, according to his father. With a performance of 2448, he demonstrated his ability to play consistently at the IM level.

A performance rating of 2450 (after rounding) is required to reach the standard, but there is an additional rule that states rounding up the lowest rated player in the event. With one of the player ratings adjusted to 2050, it was enough for Adewumi to earn the standard.

The final ranking of the tournament. Picture: chess-results.com.

Adewumi has shared in several interviews his dream of becoming the youngest grandmaster ever. The current record was set by GM Abhimanyu Mishra at 12 years, four months and 25 days. He has until January 28, 2023 to reach this record if he wants to beat it.

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Do you believe he can become the youngest GM of all time? How far do you think the young star will go? Leave your comments below, and thanks for reading!

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