Ted Cruz blames Chick-fil-A sauce shortage on Biden – and Twitter can’t tell if he’s kidding | San Antonio News | San Antonio

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  • US Senator Ted Cruz’s itchy finger on Twitter has confused some of his followers.

US Senator Ted Cruz spews so much overheated hyperbole on Twitter that people apparently had a hard time knowing if he was joking when he blamed President Joe Biden for a fast food chain’s sauce shortage.

After Georgia-based Chick-fil-A said supply chain issues forced it to limit containers of sauce to one per customer, the junior Republican senator from Texas tweeted a post Tuesday about the condiment crisis, adding that “Joe Biden is destroying America”.

We think there’s a good chance the Cruz will be trying to make a funny – you know, just like he did when he put on makeup in high school or tried to market goofy t-shirts with a drawing of himself with a mule.

But not everyone understood.

Several Twitter followers praised the senator for pointing out Biden’s culpability in the staggering shortage of sweet sauces. “That’s why Cruz is one of my heroes and we need him as the next president,” gushed one.

Yet another saw the lack of Zesty Buffalo Sauce to brush his fried chicken pieces with as a sign that “radicals/extremists” are destroying our fast-food lifestyle. Because, uh, the economy!

And you gotta love how Cruz follower Daniel Melo sternly warns one of the senator’s critics that there’s a slippery slope between sauce shortages and the kind of oppressive food lines people face under the “communism” – a system so bankrupt that it recently had to pawn an “M.”

Meanwhile, Chick-fil-A – which enjoys an often cozy, sometimes complicated relationship with right-wing politicians and media – has made no attempt to blame its sauce shortage on the current occupant of the White House.

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