Tesla confirms Cybertruck and Semi production delayed until 2022


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Having a window shattered during a demonstration of its “unbreakable” glass now appears to be one of the Tesla Cybertrucks minor problems. The electric vehicle maker released its second-quarter financial statements to investors in early August, including a note that production of the futuristic-looking truck has now been postponed to 2022.

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Elon Musk had initially promised that a two-engine version with all-wheel drive would hit the aisles in late 2021, with a single-engine truck arriving in late 2022. A performance three-engine truck is also planned. The Cybertruck was first presented to the public in 2019.

Tesla is also delaying the launch of its Semi, an all-electric semi-trailer, until 2022. This truck was first presented in 2017.

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The company’s massive Gigafactory near Austin, TX, still under construction, will build the Model Y and Cybertruck, which will use components from the Model Y. First Model Y vehicles in Berlin and Austin in 2021.

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Tesla said the production of the Semi and Cybertruck is affected by factors such as supply chain issues for microchips and battery cells, and the introduction of other products and manufacturing technologies.

A definitive date for the Cybertruck’s launch has not been given, but Tesla has said it will be built in Austin after model Y begins production.

It is believed that around 500,000 people have pre-ordered a Cybertruck, and Canadians can do so on Tesla’s website with a deposit of $ 150. The price of the truck isn’t cheap, but you can lock in the optional Full Self-Driving for $ 10,600. The website says production will begin in 2022.

In its financial report, Tesla said it built 206,421 vehicles in the second quarter of 2021 and sold 201,250. The tally consists of 2,340 Model S / X and 204,081 Model 3 / Y vehicles. The company also said “We have sufficient liquidity to fund our product roadmap, longlong-term capacity expansion plans and other expenses.

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