The 10 Most Popular TV Shows Produced By JJ Abrams, According To IMDb

After recently leading the successful reboots of Mission: Impossible, Star Trek, and star wars franchise, many people should know the name JJ Abrams. Not only is he one of today’s top directors, he’s also one of the most successful producers, helping to create and secure funding for artists like Armageddon and Cloverfield too.

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However, before Abrams became such a mainstream director, there was another time when he was best known for creating several television dramas (such as Lost and Fringe). Although mostly rooted in sci-fi, many fans loved how he consistently came up with creative concepts and unique mysteries that kept fans talking for months. But of all his shows, which according to the fans was the best? While everyone will probably have a different answer, fans better check their IMDb scores to get a clear idea.

ten Lovecraft Country | (7.1) | Available to stream on HBO Max

Featured Lovecraft Country

In this mix of horror, fantasy and historical fiction, JJ Abrams and Jordan Peele combine their production prowess that follows the life of Atticus Freeman (Jonathan Majors), a black man who finds himself walking through the heart of the White supremacist America with her companion. Letitia (Jurnee Smollet) and Uncle George (Courtney B. Vance). They are looking for Atticus’ father who has disappeared without a trace. However, along the way, they encounter an unexpected form of terror.

Lovecraft Country was adapted from a Matt Ruff novel of the same name. He co-starred with the late Michael Kenneth Williams, a frequent face on many HBO original programs, including Thread and Boardwalk Empire. Unfortunately, despite being widely praised for its visual aesthetic and great storytelling, the show was not renewed for a second season.

9 Roadies | (7.4) | Available to stream on Hulu

Roadies on Showtime

This series of 10 episodes of the spirit of almost known director Cameron Crowe and produced by Abrams, follows the lives of these individuals, who are the showcase of a group but who are absent from the public eye. They don’t get fame from their famous employers, but suffer a lot of shenanigans behind the scenes.

Roadies marked Abrams’ first foray into pay cable television. He would go on to produce several features for Netflix like Challenger: the final flight before signing a $500 million deal with WarnerMedia in 2019 (via Yahoo finance). While Luke Wilson and Carla Gugino were praised for their performances, sadly, it was another show that was canceled.


8 Aliases | (7.6) | Available to stream on Amazon

Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) thinks she serves her country in the Central Intelligence Agency. When she finds out otherwise, she decides to go undercover to expose her real employer’s agenda. She discovers that a shadow agency named SD-6 pursues power plays around the world. As a result, the job disrupts her personal life considerably, but luckily she has her father and fellow CIA veteran Jack Bristow (Victor Garber) to coach her.

Abrams’ second major creative effort for network television after Congratulations made Gardner a star and introduced a young Bradley Cooper as Sydney’s confidant reporter. He paved the way for Lost in 2004 and Fringe in 2008. He also won four Primetime Emmy Awards.

7 Six degrees | (7.6) | Available for purchase on Amazon

Characters from the Six Degrees series

Six completely different people are linked by mysterious circumstances. Their lives impact each other unbeknownst to them. As events become more fantastical, they begin to gravitate towards each other on a collision course.

Based on the Six Degrees of Separation Theory (via harvard business review), the show continued an early 2000s trend of character-driven ensemble dramas, which relied on extraordinary circumstances to drive a serial narrative forward.

6 Castle Rock | (7.6) | Available to stream on Hulu

Lizzie Caplan in Castle Rock Season 2 Hulu

An original anthology series from Hulu based on material written by best-selling horror novelist Stephen King that brings together characters from his extensive library of works who inhabit the town of the title.

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stone castle could refer to the city where support me took place in the first act of this film, also based on a short story by King. The series starred Bill Skarsgård, who also played the villainous Pennywise in the remake of King’s magnum horror opus. THIS parts one and two.

5 Almost Human | (8.0) | Available for purchase on Apple iTunes

Karl Urban as John Kennex and Michael Ealy as DRN-0167 in Almost Human

It’s the year 2048 and every cop is paired with an android in The City, a place somewhere on the west coast of America. Desperate after a life-threatening accident and armed with artificial technology to survive, Detective John Kennex (Karl Urban) must put aside his contempt for androids and adapt to his new work environment while dealing with the trauma that… made him a hybrid.

The short-lived 2013-2014 Fox series may have partly inspired Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human video game. It also features a detective forced to work with an evolved human machine. Unfortunately, despite the unique concept provided, it was another show that was canceled.

4 Lost | (8.3) | Available to stream on Hulu

TV Show Plot Holes Lost Mysteries

Survivors of a plane crash band together to brave the elements on a tropical island that’s not all it seems. They discover that their presence is no accident and seek answers regarding the supernatural forces that have caused their predicament.

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Partially told at all times, each episode of Lost chooses a main character (and there are many) to further examine their origins, what events led them to become who they are, and how they ended up aboard the doomed Oceanic Flight 815. With 10 Emmys under her belt, Lost was one of Abrams’ best shows because it had fans tune in every week, desperate to see if these mysteries would be solved and if the survivors would manage to escape the island.

3 Fringe | (8.4) | Available to stream on HBO Max

Fringe TV show poster

FBI agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) is assigned to the bureau’s special task force regarding a new pattern of unexplained events. She recruits eccentric scientist Walter Bishop (John Noble) and his son Peter (Joshua Jackson) to help lead paranormal investigations, which lead to startling revelations about our universe and a society called Massive Dynamic.

The series is comparable to The X Files, replace mythology with advanced scientific subjects like metaphysics and quantum mechanics, among others. Leonard Nimoy played Dynamic founder William Bell, a former colleague of Walter. Abrams’ model seems to be interested in the improbable but not the impossible.

2 Person of interest | (8.4) | Available to stream on HBO Max

Person of Interest Season 5 Cast

John Reese, a former intelligence agent (Jim Caviezel), motivated by the death of a loved one, is recruited by billionaire computer tech expert Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) to combine their talents in predicting and combating future crimes in New York. . Their main method is Finch’s computerized monitoring device, named “The Machine”.

The show promotes the idea that everyone is under surveillance at all times and with the analysis of a person of interest can be deduced with a computer algorithm. Caviezel has a long film history with credits like The thin red line and The passion of Christ. Emerson has previously starred in Lost as the main antagonist, Ben Linus, a kind of guardian of the island.

1 western world | (8.6) | Available to stream on HBO Max

Westworld stars stand close together

In the future, a group of humans have built a vast interactive theme park capable of fulfilling every visitor’s desires (whether it be role-playing, cosplaying, committing acts of violence). There, artificially constructed “hosts” are the guide for the clients. However, when an abnormality in their programming causes them to feel the first hint of sentience, they become resentful of their role.

The HBO sci-fi drama has the DNA of blade runner, with many characters asking what is the meaning of life and the notion of free will. Although the series featured Hollywood heavyweights Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris and Jeffery Wright, many believed that it was Evan Rachel Wood who starred in the series.

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