The 10 winning lists of the world championship, ranked

League of Legends has become one of the most watched esports in the world, with a fanatical player base and fiercely competitive regional professional circuits. Each year, the major regions alongside the “wildcard” regions send their best teams to compete on the biggest stage in the hope of becoming world champions. The ultimate goal: win the coveted Summoners Cup and win a huge cash prize.

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Over the past 10 years of League of Legends World Championship events, legacies have been forged, champions have been dethroned, and relatively unknown teams have won the cup. This list will rank the 10 World Championship rosters based on dominance factors at the time, as well as overall cultural impact on the League of Legends competitive scene. All statistical and historical information for this article was obtained through the League of Legends pages of Leaguepedia and Liquipedia.


ten Fnatic (Season 1)

Back in 2011, before there were any Korean servers or multi-million dollar prize pools, Riot Games held the Season 1 World Championship during Dreamhack Summer in Sweden for a relatively small audience. The tournament final pitted European powerhouses Fnatic against aAa (against all authorities).

Fnatic and their roster consisting of xPeke, Cyanide, Shushei, LamiaZealot and Mellisan got off to a rocky start. They narrowly came out of the group stages. But then the team performed an incredible miracle by defeating CLG and EPIK Gamer. They eventually defeated aAa in the finals. Unfortunately, this Worlds wasn’t incredibly memorable due to the lack of a defined meta, player storylines, and the relative newness of the game, as it only launched in 2009.

In 2016, the new SKT T1 roster consisting of Duke, Bengi/Blank, Faker, Bang and Wolf kicked off electrically. The team completely demolished the LCK 2016 Spring Split before winning the playoffs and ultimately winning the Mid-Season Invitational. In the 2016 Summer Split, the team showed the same dominance, but fell short when the playoffs rolled around.

SKT T1 finished the Summer Split in third place and still managed to qualify for Worlds thanks to their spring performances. After defeating their rivals, the Rox Tigers, in the semi-finals, SKT T1 defeated Samsung Galaxy, earning their second consecutive World Championship title and third franchise title.

8 Taipei Assassins (Season 2)

TPA qualified for the 2012 Worlds by sweeping all Taiwan teams in Season 2 Regionals in Taipei. Going into the 2012 World Championship, they were seen as the dark horse of the tournament, with most analysts predicting lackluster results given their previous loss to CLG.EU.

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The roster consisted of Stanley, Lilballz, Toyz, Bebe and MiSTakE who rose to prominence after their dominating flogging of Najin Sword and Moscow Five. The Taipei Assassins are widely considered the only “dark horse” team to have won the Summoner’s Cup due to the fact that they were an unknown team in the West before winning.

seven Invictus Gaming (Season 8)

In 2018, for the first time since 2012, a Korean League of Legends team would not hoist the Summoners Cup. After years and years of failure, a Chinese team would finally win the championship trophy. At the time, Invictus Gaming’s roster consisted of TheShy/Duke, Ning, Rookie, JackeyLove, and Baolan.

This IG list is notable for playing the game with a combat mentality first helping to coin the term “LPL Aggression” by analysts and commentators. The ultimate caveat to Invictus Gaming winning this world title is that they had virtually no avenue of resistance after defeating tournament favorites KT Rolster in the quarter-finals.

6 FunPlus Phoenix (Season 9)

FunPlus Phoenix has completely revamped their roster for the 2019 season adding Doinb and Tian to the team. The new roster consisted of GimGoon, Tian, ​​Doinb, LWX and Crisp who absolutely dominated the LPL in their first year as a team. Heading into Worlds 2019, FunPlus Pheonix had a relatively shaky group stage performance with a 4-2 record.

They managed to solve all the problems they had before the quarter-finals because, from then on, they were winning. Anchored by Mid Laner Doinb and his counter-meta picks, the team beat G2 in the finals with a 3-0 sweep. This meant that Chinese teams won back-to-back championships. FunPlus Pheonix also released historic franchises on their rise to the top.

5 Samsung Galaxy (Season 7)

Samsung Galaxy’s final against SKT T1 in 2017 was nothing short of amazing. SKT T1 were aiming for a hat-trick and their fourth world title, trying to win their second consecutive title after an incredible run in 2016. The roster of Huni, Peanut/Blank, Faker, Bang and Wolf faced CuVee, Ambition/Haru, Crown, Ruler and CoreJJ.

Both teams were absolutely fierce, with SKT T1 knocking out very tough opponents in the quarter-finals and semi-finals. On the other side, Samsung Galaxy had won their previous sets in dominant fashion. In the finals, Samsung Galaxy would sweep away defending champions SK Telecom T1, dethroning the most iconic franchise in League of Legends history.

In the 2013 World Championship Final, SKT T1 faced Royal Club in the final. It was the battle of the Prodigies: the famed invincible Demon King, Faker, against the greatest sniper to honor Summoners Rift, Uzi. This iconic series was the crucible that forged the Chinese Vs. Rivalry between Korean teams in League of Legends.

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In a brutal 3-0 set, SKT T1 beat tournament favorites Royal Club and SK Telecom T1 alongside their legendary Mid Lane player Faker. He created a legacy that would remain unmatched to this day. At the time of this win, SKT T1’s roster consisted of Impact, Bengi, Faker, Piglet, and PoohManDu.

3 DAMWON Gaming (Season 10)

In 2020, DAMWON Gaming has solidified itself as perhaps the most synergized and “complete” roster to ever compete in a World Championship. After their disappointing showing at Worlds 2019, DWG returned to Summoners Rift with a revamped roster in an effort to bring the Summoners Cup back to Korea.

The list of Worlds winners consisted of Nuguri, Canyon, ShowMaker, newcomer Ghost, and Beryl. DAMWON Gaming only lost three games in the entire tournament; not to mention that they had only lost twice in the LCK Summer Split, including the Playoffs. After 2 years of defeat, Korean domination had come back in force for the 2020 championship.

2 Samsung White (Season 4)

Although SKT T1 beat Royal Club in the 2013 Worlds Finals, the renowned Star Horn Royal Club and their sniper, Uzi, were back with a vengeance. Star Horn Royal Club and its renewed roster decimated NaJin White Shield in the quarter-finals before beating OMG in the semi-finals. That meant taking them to back-to-back World Finals.

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That is until they faced Korea’s Samsung White, consisting of Looper, Dandy, PawN, imp and Mata. In an utterly embarrassing kick (and on some of their signature champion picks), Samsung White beat Uzi and Star Horn Royal Club to cement Korea as the most dominant region in the world.

Winning just one world title – let alone two – is a formidable achievement. In 2015, SKT T1 became the first League of Legends team to win two titles. It pretty much cemented their legacy as the greatest League of Legends team to ever compete. At that time, the roster consisted of MaRin, Bengi, Faker/Easyhoon, Bang, and Wolf.

This iteration of SKT T1 had an absolutely stunning global run by remaining undefeated in the group stage. In fact, they only lost two games in the entire tournament. To date, no other team has won more than one world championship title, let alone three.

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