The 20 Best Batman Comics You Must Read

Fearing that Robin, aka Jason Todd, might become brash and careless, Batman suspends him from active duty. However, Robin leaves Gotham on his own quest and the two crime fighters end up reuniting in Bosnia to stop the Joker from getting enough uranium to create a dirty bomb. Robin is captured and savagely beaten, and Batman races to find him before it’s too late. He arrives at the warehouse where Robin is being held just as he explodes.

And what happened next? Well, whether Robin lived or died was up to readers, who voted using their phones – and decided to kill him. A gimmick? Certainly. An effective? Judging by the amount of press the story has received, absolutely.

Regardless of the publicity stunt, it’s a powerful story. The Joker has rarely been scarier, and the punches he gives Robin are absolutely brutal, especially for a mainstream comic. Jason Todd was the second person to take on the role of Robin, with the original, Dick Grayson, having left for the Teen Titans. Poor Jason was never as popular as his predecessor, but it’s still truly shocking to see him suffer such a gruesome fate, especially since the voting public is just as complicit as the Joker.

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