The 7 most beautiful toilets in Beijing


Did you know that Beijing has the most public toilets of any city in China? That’s according to a recent report released by Gaode Maps just in time for World Toilet Day – which passed under everyone’s noses on November 19. But even a metropolis like this, with so many bathrooms to choose from, can still be the subject of complaints from people not finding enough places to poop in a timely manner. But fear not, Gaode Map’s also published a list of the top 10 toilets in town.

Surprisingly enough, of the top 10 finalists in the Beijing Best Toilet contest, four of them reside in the Forbidden City area. Fortunately, the WeChat news platform Yujian Beijing has provided its own handy list, which we’ve translated for readers below.

1. The toilet king

The biggest trophy for “Toilet Kung” goes to this humble outpost, located near the Tian’anmen Gate Tower. Chosen for its simple appearance, even with the public toilet sign, it still made many tourists think it was not a toilet at all. Thanks to its understated appearance, it’s a great place to squat and escape all those crowds.

2. The most magical double silo toilets

This toilet is truly one of a kind. Tucked away on the east side of 798 in the newly christened 751-D park, the venue has been transformed from a pair of old cylindrical industrial silos, with two small bathroom signs on each tower. However, don’t be fooled by their sloppy exteriors, as once you step inside you’ll undoubtedly be impressed by the clean and spacious interior, designed for the most discerning and modern art lover.

3. The most futuristic silver toilets

Framing Beijing’s 798 Art Zone, a futuristic-looking silver-clad toilet with a rotating ceiling that transports visitors to their very own sci-fi movie.

The bright colors and crisp white constantly dazzle connoisseurs of cleanliness, conjuring up some sort of future toilet adventure.

4. The most populous toilet community

Who knew that Wudaoying Hutong, 632 meters long, would have so many toilets? Here you are pretty much guaranteed to run into a toilet every 79 meters. In fact, these toilets are so essential that they’re pretty much the only options nearby residents have when nature calls.

5. The toilet is at Tian’anmen Square

If there hadn’t been a sign saying “(Toilet) (Entry)” near this little outpost near the entrance to the National Museum of China, we wonder if people would even know it was there. it is a toilet. But just follow the sign and go down the stairs and you will be greeted by the only public restrooms in Tian’anmen Square.

6. The hardest toilets to find in SLT

If you can navigate the zigzagging areas of Sanlitun without getting lost, then you’re pretty much a hero in our book already. But if you can locate those toilets, you definitely deserve to put the super into superhero. Located in a hard-to-find corner of the third floor of Taikooli (near the elevators), these toilets have an upscale look with glossy panels and a bright yellow exterior that gives them a chic, modern touch.

7. The most mysterious king’s joyful toilet

On average, a diner can expect to spend around RMB 1,055 at King’s Joy, so with prices like this, you might as well use every inch of their facilities. The custom toilets feature a premium design that includes a sophisticated hairdryer. Either way, the restaurant sets the bar so high that you have to book in advance if you want to use their toilet more fancy than you. There are also four bodyguards standing at the door. If you’ve ever had the chance to visit these restrooms, let us know how they treat you!

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Picture; Yujian Beijing, Dianping


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