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The Adam Project debuts on Netflix on March 11, 2022.

There are movies that stick with you from the moment you first see them. The Last Starfighter is one of mine. Growing up in the 80s I knew the importance of a high arcade score and The Last Starfighter was the ultimate in sci-fi wish fulfillment. Many of us kids back then dreamed of becoming a Starfighter. We watched Flight of the Navigator and HEY in the hope that we could one day have our own epic sci-fi adventure.

The Adam Project is the last Starfighter of this generation.

Ryan Reynolds stars as Adam Reed, a futuristic fighter pilot who stole a time jet in order to travel back in time and save the woman he loves. It’s a simple, neat concept that morphs into something bigger when he’s shot half-time and finds himself several years behind…and only his younger self (Walker Scobell) can pull it off. help get back on track.

The Adam Project is like a leap down memory lane – a film that revels in the madness of ’80s sci-fi while packing epic adventure and heartfelt life lessons into a fun, time-traveling thread.

Of course, young Adam is suitably freaked out upon meeting his eldest – at least at first. Luckily, it’s not long before the two Adams are trading verbal jabs, with Ryan Reynolds in top form, spewing jokes like they’re old fashioned. But it’s not just the same of Reynolds.

Instead, there’s a subtle weariness for future Adam that hides decades of dad issues, and while Reynolds plays his usual sarcastic shtick for a laugh, he balances that with a pensive, more restrained performance that brings out the real story – it’s all about their father, played by the ever-charismatic Mark Ruffalo. The Adam Project is as much about reconciling Adam’s own past as it is about saving the future, a neat touch that elevates this beyond just a time travel thread and gives the film a parcel more depth.

The chemistry between young and future Adam is pretty much perfect.

Walker Scobell is also an absolute revelation. The young newcomer really digs into what makes young Adam tick, riding his favorite video game like an ace while getting kicked out of school shit. Best of all, the chemistry between young and future Adam is pretty much perfect.

Their back and forth is truly inspired, giving the film a humorous edge as future Adam rediscovers what a jerk he used to be. Scobell also holds his own opposite Reynolds, matching his characteristic acerbic wit pound for pound. He’s the perfect young Adam for Reynolds’ future Adam, and he’s definitely one to watch.

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The Adam Project is an absolute delight for those of us who lived through the 80s…or anyone who would love to have one. Its retro-futuristic styles are mastered by laser-sharp script and some truly wonderful exchanges between Reynolds and his younger self, Scobell. Throw in a handful of epic action scenes and a quasi-lightsaber and The Adam Project gives us a sci-fi epic that will truly draw you back.

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