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Warning! SPOILERS for Into The Night season 2

The end of Netflix In the night Season 2 tackles many of the biggest questions of the season while adding several more to the mix – here’s an explanatory breakdown of the show’s Season 2 finale. The multilingual story of the Belgian apocalypse had a tight-knit first season after passengers on an ill-fated commercial flight, but the show’s second season broadened things considerably, with multiple groups of people, each with goals. and obscure morals. Netflix hasn’t confirmed the show’s return in 2022, but the streaming service has announced a spin-off called In the depths – a Turkish language series which is directly linked to the end of In the night season 2.


In the night follows a small group of mismatched survivors trying to navigate a global apocalypse with one rule: the sun will kill you. Inspired by Jacek Dukaj’s science fiction novel in 2015, The old Axolotl, the first season is mostly set on an airplane as passengers flee the sunrise and make their way to a hidden NATO bunker. Season 2 shows the group trying to build a home among a group of soldiers, while experiments are underway to find a way to survive the sunlight.

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In the night joins other European Netflix shows like Dark, like a story in a fantastic setting that asks deeply human questions. One of them is how people of diverse backgrounds cope with pressure and confinement, and In the night season 2 The tension immediately builds up between soldiers and passengers. Things turn sour as an unprovoked missile attack destroys their airfield, with the accidental deaths of Zara and her son, Nicolas, and with the soldiers discovering Sylvie was responsible for Terenzio’s death. Where the first season ended with the group finally reaching a place to take refuge, the second season turns everything upside down. All sense of certainty is now gone, with the group dispersed and half of them fleeing again for their lives. Here’s how everything goes after the chaotic season finale.

Into the Night season 2’s cliffhanger gives NATO soldiers a way to survive

Into the Night survivors experiment to learn how to survive in the sun

In In the night, the sun is deadly, even indoors. Reminding 10 Cloverfield Way, the NATO bunker provides refuge from the surface, deep underground under a tank. In the night, Season 2 began by showing a group of passengers experimenting on rats, trying to find a way to survive the light of day. In the final scene, a few NATO soldiers discover that only one rat survived the experiments, showing that they now hold the key to survival. What is not clear is what they can do with it, if any. With their only expert, Horst, fleeing to the Arctic, they may not have a way to use this knowledge. In addition, with no surviving leaders and no remaining planes, the remaining NATO troops currently have few options.

How will the helicopter crew reach the Arctic in Season 3 of Into The Night?

In the night escape from the NATO bunker, led by Sylvie

After the NATO soldiers turn out to be villainous (a recurring trope from the first season, as well as a tribute to doomsday fiction like the movie 28 days later), Sylvie and the passengers still in the bunker manage to escape, head for the airfield and requisition the helicopter left by the Russian soldiers. To help them escape, Rik sacrifices himself, killing the villainous NATO soldiers in charge and Russian soldiers in the process. Even though Sylvie’s group may have escaped, they are anything but safe. Their helicopter has only a limited range, and while it may use readily available low-grade fuel, it is unclear where or how they will find it. To find their friends, they must travel to Svalbard before sunrise. Their only certainty at the moment is that the coming night will be difficult.

What happened to the soldiers in the Russian bunker?

Rik, from Into the Night, in his final scene

To boost their supplies, NATO leaders plan to head to Svalbard and the global vault there. Discussing their plans over the radio with a group of Russian soldiers in another bunker apparently led to the missile attack, which NATO soldiers blame the Russians on. They got it wrong when Ines, chased by herself, follows a helicopter and finds Russian soldiers. However, they seek revenge on anyone who attacked their own bunker and destroyed their planes and communications. Ines urges them to help him return to the NATO bunker, leading to a confrontation that kills Gerardo. After the situation de-escalated, the first Russian soldier hints that their bunker is largely destroyed and that at least part of their people have been killed. Realizing that both bunkers have been attacked, the soldiers speculate that whoever launched the missiles must be somewhere nearby, but know nothing beyond that. It is never revealed where the Russian bunker is and whether there are other passengers. The fate of the Netflix cosmonaut In the night season 1 is still uncertain.

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Are Seed Vault survivors safe until the end of Night Season 2?

Thea and Matthew arriving at the seed box during Into The Night

Led by Matthew and Ayaz, a group of passengers with German soldier Markus make their way to Svalbard, but find the messy safe, damaged by a researcher named Gia, who is suffering a psychotic crisis after her exhaustion has been exhausted. medications. . Shortly after, they received a radio message from Ines at the NATO bunker, calling for help. They plan to return immediately, but Gia locks herself in the cockpit and destroys the controls of the plane. Stranded in Svalbard with little supplies, and unaware of what happened to the others, Matthew sums up their situation by saying: “When you’re lost but don’t admit it, all you can do is scream. I think it’s time to start screaming.

In the new group from The Night Ending: what does the submarine crew want?

A brief glimpse of one of the sub's crew at the end of Into The Night Season 2

The big reveal at the end of In the night season 2 is the realization that there is another group of people aboard a submarine. Hidden deep in the water (much like Sean Connery’s Red October), it’s likely this submarine could stay mobile even during the day, but who they are and what they want still is unknown. It is implied that they are responsible for the missile attacks, although their presence in Svalbard confirms that they heard the radio communications. In the last moments, the submarine lands and several people rush to dry land. Unfortunately, their timing is inconvenient. Ayaz, still gripped by grief after losing Zara, confronts Markus. Held at gunpoint, Markus confesses that he was directly responsible for the deaths of Zara and Nicolas. At the same time, the submarine crew arrive at the seed chest, with a man rushing inside. All he reveals is that he and the others on the submarine are Turkish, before a gunshot and moonlighting. What happened at these times and what will follow is to be guessed.

What is it really about in Season 2 of The Night

Théa is looking for a reason to continue, during Into the Night season 2

In the night gives a new take on the apocalypse survival trope, exploring themes of bravery, the will to live, and how sometimes the bravest choice isn’t to survive. It differs from a lot of other apocalypse stories, like The walking dead, in that the main message is not to defend yourself with weapons, but to find strength in those around you. Anytime a character chooses direct conflict, it has dire consequences with far-reaching repercussions.

Over all, In the night emphasizes the importance of having people to survive. The characters find their strength in relation to each other and they only start to weaken when they start to lose that support. The character stories underpin this theme. Laura loses confidence in herself as she loses Horst’s affection. Ayaz keeps trying to save Zara and Nicolas, even when he knows there is nothing he can do. The self-confessed coward, Rik, does the bravest act in history in a scene that almost looks like a Independence Day homage, precisely to save others. The underlying message is that of finding a goal through solidarity. As Théa says, “There is only one way to survive, and that’s with the people you love.” The darker setback is given by Théa’s neighbor in a flashback, “It’s better to be alone than in bad company. Ayaz adds to that however, pointing out that all everyone fundamentally wants is to just survive, whatever the reason. This is perhaps the most central theme of In the night. It is certainly the one that is likely to recur both in the announced spin-off and in potential future seasons.

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