The Last of Us Part 1 Comic Locations Guide

The Last of Us Part 1 has several types of collectibles to find as you progress. This includes a sci-fi comic book series called Savage Starlight which has 14 issues to collect.

The following guide will tell you where to find the comics in Last of Us Part 1.

Savage Starlight Comics Locations

The 14 issues have been listed below based on the order you’ll find them in-game. You can also note their separate and numbered issues if you want to read their presentations in chronological order.


Comic #3: Force Bringer
You don’t have to go anywhere to find this problem. It will already be in your backpack at the start of the chapter.

Comic #10: Deep Phase
Open the Shiv door after going down the stairs of the house led by Sam and Harry. After opening the door, go to the room on your left and the comic will be there in the room.

Comic #6: Accretion
Head upstairs after being rescued by Ellie at the hotel. After the stairs, turn left and continue until there is an area with a huge gap. Ahead you will find the comic.

Comic #1: Stop Shock
This one would be lying on the floor of a bus in Pittsburgh, in front of the building of the Hunters.

The suburbs

Comic #11: Antiparticles
This comic is inside a devastated boat that lies on shore after escaping Pittsburgh hunters.

Comic #2: Particle Messenger
To find this comic, you need to go to the suburban neighborhood and look for a white house. The comic is in the bathroom of this white house.

Tommy’s Dam

Comic #5: Alien Element
Take a right on your way to Tommy Dam to find an overturned car. The comic will be there, next to a corpse there.

Comic #12: Zero Point
Go to the second floor of the Ranch House and head into the room on the left side. You will see the comic next to the room window.

The University

Comic #7: Free Radicals
Right after the chapter starts, turn around and follow the path of the road until you see a faded blue car in front of a white truck. The comic would be on the hood of the car.

Lakeside resort

Comic #4: Uncertainty
When Ellie is chasing an injured deer, he runs through a barn where you’ll find the comic.

Bus depot

Comic #9: Rushing
Go down the stairs after the giraffe cutscene and enter the men’s room. The comic will end up on the ground.

Comic #13: Catalysis
Go to the underground tunnel and you will find the comic on the ventilation shaft.


Comic #14: Singularity
Inside a car that is in the forest. The car can be found by going right.

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