The man who coined the word “metaverse” building his own metaverse

The sci-fi icon who coined and popularized the term “metaverse” is pausing her literary career to build her own.

As revealed by WiredNeal Stephenson, author of “Snow Crash” and cyberpunk pioneer, is working with a crypto brother to create an open metaverse platform that its creators hope will be a more decentralized version of the kinds of Big Tech metaverses like those run by Fortnite and Facebook.

“It’s like Neal descending from the mountains like Gandalf, to restore the metaverse to an open, decentralized and creative order,” said robotics and augmented reality entrepreneur Rony Abovitz, who also serves as a strategic advisor to Lamina1. , the Stephenson company is co-founded with Bitcoin Foundation chief Peter Vessenes.

As Vessenes said Wiredhe initially feared the sci-fi titan was “Kardashian-ing” or cashing in on his own hype.

“That’s potentially the first question,” the Bitcoin career evangelist said. “Is Neal selling his brand to some fucking metaverse company?”

Once people speak with the Lamina1 pair, Vessenes said, “they conclude it’s a principled effort” and then start asking how they plan to do it. The answer to this later question, it seems, will be found along the way.

“The economy is tied to adoption,” Vessenes said, without adding much more detail. “The more people use it, the more valuable it is.”

Execution could be a sticking point. In 2021, Stephenson raised half a million dollars to create an incredibly ambitious sword-fighting game called “Clang,” complete with his own new motion-capture hardware, but the project disintegrated the following year without delivering anything.

Now Stephenson and co are describing a much bigger project, similar to the Unified Internet. In other words, it sounds way more ambitious than “Clang.”

Resources could also be slim. Wired reports that the company currently employs only three engineers, although it intends to hire many more as it develops its technology.

Adding to the stakes, Stephenson says he has no plans to take a break from writing novels: the king of cyberpunk said that “when the calendar returns to 2023, it will go back to business as usual.”

“My editor will send a hitman after me if I don’t fulfill my obligations,” he said. Cable.

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