The Mandalorian was made possible by the creation of the volume

The Mandalorian’s use of The Volume not only made the hit Star Wars show possible, but it could also change the future of similar shows forever.

Almost three years have passed since Star Wars’ first Disney+ series, The Mandalorian, debuted alongside the platform itself. It’s still unclear which factors contributed the most to its success – was it the surprise appearance of Baby Yoda? The compelling story? The breathtaking work of Pedro Pascal and the other men who bring the iconic costume to life in his absence? Of all the potential building blocks that have framed the series into a hit, this is one of the technology elements that the show’s creators credit with creating The Mandalorian possible. It is affectionately called The Volume. And it’s changing the way shows and movies are made before our eyes.

The volume – officially called StageCraft – was developed by Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) division. A recent vanity lounge The story opened the imagination of fans to the possibilities of the wall capable of creating entire worlds. The curved LED surface can create entire alien environments as if film crews are actually somewhere else. But with several volumes now in Los Angeles and more on the way elsewhere, you don’t have to travel the world to find what storytellers are looking for; they can digitally manufacture everything on a single soundstage.

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Cost reduction over time, while only one of many benefits, can be responsible for The Mandalorianis a constant and impressive quality. According to vanity lounge, The volume largely, if not completely, eliminates the need to film on location. There’s also less set building, as sets and other elements can be created and displayed digitally with the huge LED screen. A major concern when developing the series was that it would end up costing too much – and if Lucasfilm couldn’t afford the massive investment, what it produced instead would fall short of expectations in that the shows would be canceled too soon.

The Mandalorian Creator Jon Favreau also talked about another advantage of using The Volume over traditional sets: shooting happens faster. No matter the time of day; if a scene is to be shot at night, The Volume can create an artificial night. Daylight will never run out as if filming on location. The weather will never interfere with call times. Compared to shooting a movie or show without the latest technology, the writer and producer says such projects can wrap filming in “half the time” of a season of a show. television would normally take. At another time of the vanity lounge story, Pascal mentioned that the uniqueness of Din Djarin spending most of his time wearing a helmet allows the actor to pursue other projects more freely. With less time spent on set thanks to The Volume in the future, who’s to say actors of all genres won’t find themselves with newfound freedom to explore more opportunities than they previously could? ? star wars fans are still begging their favorite actors to make cameos in a galaxy far, far away; this may be how their wishes will be granted.

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Without The Volume, Lucasfilm would probably still have found a way to do The Mandalorian happen to some extent. But its existence eliminated limitations that would have impeded much of the cinematography and effects that brought Din Djarin’s story to life. And The Mandalorian was really only the beginning. Boba Fett’s Book accomplished a lot visually in just seven episodes, taking viewers to multiple worlds rather than locking them into Tatooine to theoretically save money in the real world. Several additional live actions star wars shows are coming in the next few years on top of what Disney+ will already continue to deliver with subsequent seasons of The Mandalorian. The more The Volume is used, the more behind-the-scenes creators will learn of its capabilities.

star wars is only going to look better from here. It’s what George Lucas probably always dreamed of as he stood behind the camera to bring his own space opera stories to life. With lower production costs and faster production windows, it is possible that extended gap days in new star wars content becomes a thing of the past.

The Mandalorian is available to stream exclusively on Disney+.

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