The Phoenix Saga. : A new science fiction trilogy by Oriano Galvanini

The Phoenix Saga vol.1

The Phoenix Saga vol.2

The Phoenix Saga vol.3

vol.1 A Sea Tale and the Birth of a New Civilization – vol.2 Imperium – vol.3 Quantum Entanglement

POZZUOLO DEL FRIULI, FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA, ITALY, May 17, 2022 / — Three entertaining novels for fans of the genre. The first volume begins with a sea story which then expands into science fiction, space opera and ukronia. A mysterious organization, the Phoenix, unites the entire earth under one government and spreads extraordinary technologies to evolve all inhabitants in peace. In the second volume, the Phoenix begins the exploration of space and the Terrestrials become the predominant species in the universe and impose peace on all other species. In the third volume the men of the Phoenix will have to travel through space and time to face the All, the disturbing mysteries that the universe still keeps jealously obscured from humans.

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About the Author.
In the 1960s, Oriano Galvanini sailed for a few years, as a radio officer, on ocean liners flying the Panamanian flag. The s/s Bayhorse, mentioned in volume 1 of the saga, is one of them.

A few years ago, after much of his life spent abroad, he decided it was time to tie up ashore and retire to the countryside. Now, at his young age of 77, he has been reminded to write. Not because he’s a bored old man, on the contrary, living in a big old house, he would find hobbies as a handyman, as much as he wanted.

One day, while he was arranging old books on new shelves, he had in his hands a radio engineering manual (it was not only an obsolete book but also incomprehensible to those who deal with electronics today , unless they are also interested in archaeology) which had served him, in the mists of time, to pass the state examination to obtain the license of radio officer. Leafing through it with a bit of nostalgia, he began to think that the figure of the radio officer not only disappeared many years ago but, nowadays, few people know what he was doing on board.

At that time, he thought that maybe it would be good to tell it, not only because this role has been part of his life for years, but also because, in those years, no ship in the world would have been allowed to sail without a radio officer on board. He therefore decided to describe and narrate circumstances and events that occurred at sea, seen through the eyes of the protagonist, a young radio officer.

Halfway through the story, he wonders if he has bored the potential reader with adventures which, although interesting at first, later become repetitive. Each storm is like the others. All nights spent ashore in an exotic port are alike. Human relations on board are always the same, governed by a mandatory hierarchy. He therefore decided to insert a little mystery into the story, referring to his interest in the history of the universe and in astrophysics, which have always attracted him as a curious autodidact.

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