The PlayStation game series is reportedly being relaunched


A classic PlayStation game series is getting a new installment, according to a new report. Annihilate, the futuristic racing game franchise that launched on the original PlayStation, will likely make its way to the PS5, according to XboxEra Shpeshal Nick. The report, which was spotted by our sister site, indicates that the new installment will work with Sony’s upcoming virtual reality platform, unofficially titled PlayStation VR 2.

The project is said to be early in development and will “probably” come from XDev, which has helped release titles like LittleBigPlanet 3, Heavy rain, Until dawn, Beyond two souls and Detroit: become human. XDec has notably worked alongside Clever Beans and Creative Vault Studios on Clear the Omega collection, which includes the remastered versions of 2008 Clear HD and 2012 Clear 2048. Working on this 2017 project would be the perfect entry point to develop a new game in the Annihilate franchise.

Wipeout The first game debuted in 1995 on PlayStation and MS-DOS, and quickly arrived on Sega Saturn in 1996. The game was a hit, spawning nine sequels. Besides those mentioned above, the franchise also includes the years 1996 Clear 2097, 1998 Clear 64, 1999 Clear 3, 2002 Annihilate Fusion, years 2005 Clear Pure and 2007 Erase pulse.

Of course, Sony has not commented on the report at the time of publication. No official announcement regarding the Annihilate the future of franchising have been made recently. Additionally, official details for PlayStation VR 2 are not available.

While we still have to wait for more information on this PlayStation 5 Annihilate game, there are many other games that you can use to scratch your thumb for 90s runners meanwhile. Options include Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo Switch), Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (cross-platform) and the next Cruis’n Blast (Nintendo Switch). If you are looking for something more in vain Annihilate, the futuristic runner Ionic pilot recently discontinued on PS4.

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