The Queen’s Endgame Explained

In chess, the Queen’s Gambit is a popular three-move opening game that sees the white player sacrificing the queen’s pawn – or the pawn directly in front of the queen – for control of the center of the board. The move can have a number of variations and is a combination of vulnerability and board prowess, perfect for the white player who likes to keep pressure on black and maintain an advantage. Approach isn’t just the title of the series, but a metaphor for Beth’s life, according to Taylor-Joy.

“Every time we finished that streak I would burst into tears because I was so happy for her,” the actress said. Refinery29. “She found this feeling of contentment. Where she wasn’t hurting or fighting something so intensely.”

The finale is ultimately an optimistic end to a tumultuous journey, and one that sees a main character finally find a home, health, and happiness. It’s a message Taylor-Joy hopes to convey to viewers. “When you feel most alone, it’s usually because you can’t see past the tip of your nose,” she said. “You’re so locked in your head that you’re convinced there’s no one out there on the edge with you. But everyoneis out there on the edge with you.”

As for what happens to Beth after the finale, the Queen’s Gambit star says it doesn’t matter where she goes now that she has what she needs. “Let her stay in Russia, let her go back [to America], that she and Jolene are traveling together for a while, whatever – now that Beth feels more comfortable and feels like she has a home in her, I just hope she’s happy .”

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