The saddest moments of the Metal Gear series

metal gear is no stranger to emotional and sad moments, between intelligent philosophical debates and war action sequences. Hideo Kojima metal gear The series has many interesting characters, and each character is perfectly designed for players to take care of. There are deadly consequences and harrowing stories galore.

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In each Solid metal gear, the cast suffers. Whether by betrayal, death or heroic sacrifice. There are happy moments in the series, but they’re the brief in-between of the dark gloom that plagues this iconic video game franchise and shows everyone just how grueling warfare and tactical espionage really are.


ten The death of Emma Emmerich

Many characters in Solid metal gear go through pain and grief, but none seem to succumb to tragedy quite like Otacon. One of these tragedies unfolds in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Libertyin which after Raiden saves his stepsister, she is stabbed to death by Vamp.

During a long and rigorous escort mission, players feel a sense of care as Emma talks to Raiden, and players don’t want to see her hurt as they go through water and gunfire. snipers. Unfortunately, that isn’t enough and Emma dies in Otacon’s arms after Vamp’s mortal wound.

9 Father and son

With the conclusion of Metal Gear Solid 4: Weapons of the Patriots, all is well in the world, and Old Snake plans to take what little is left of his life with his gun. The shocking twist after the credits was only Big Boss to save him. He returns, not to fight, but to reconcile.

This powerful moment reiterates the end of the series, as all threats have been resolved, and Big Boss’ finale ends with a final salute to his mentor and the woman who started this crusade: The Boss. The two Serpents share a beautiful and moving moment.

8 Quiet goodbye

Perhaps a phantom pain is more than just the loss of a limb, but the loss of one’s love. Through Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, “Venom” Snake and Quiet quite develop the bond. After a fight that defies all odds, Snake manages to carry Quiet through a sandstorm back to Mother Base.

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Ironically, Snake is bitten by a snake, which mortally wounds him. Snake needs medical attention, so Quiet talks about his location at HQ. In doing so, she activates the deadly virus within her which awakens through English. This means that she will never be able to see Big Boss again. His final farewell is a recording, so Big Boss can always hear his voice and continue his mission against nuclear war.

seven The death of the sniper wolf

Sniper Wolf is a character from Solid metal gear that players are supposed to hate. The game that shaped the stealth genre had intense emotion for a title in 1998. It beats Solid Snake at every turn, abducting allies and nearly claiming Meryl’s life. Yet once Solid Snake takes the victorious blow, an emotional composition plays as she gives Solid Snake his final speech.

Sniper Wolf fell victim to the horrors of war. His speech is poignant, beautiful and graphic. His death is an emotional ending for a very complex character. To make matters worse, Otacon watches helplessly and is completely shaken by the realization of war and the concept of being just a pawn in a larger system.

6 Farewell to the Gray Fox

Solid metal gear is haunted by a cyborg ninja, who effortlessly kills his victims. The identity of the cyborg ninja is shrouded in mystery but was revealed to be Snake’s former comrade from the start metal gear games: Gray Fox.

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During the impossible battle between the iconic sonic legacy of Metal Gear REX and Solid Snake, Gray Fox leaves a final confession, a farewell to Naomi, his foster sister, and Snake. Unable to run from his past, he sacrifices his life in battle to give Solid Snake the edge he needs to claim victory.

5 Raiden’s Sacrifice

Solid Metal Gear 2 introduces a new protagonist to the franchise. Raiden, at first, was not liked by some MGS 2 players. They wanted Solid Snake, who they had known as the leader of the franchise. Part of his backstory even involved the fact that he wasn’t Solid Snake and never could be. That’s why he became his own man.

With Solid metal gear 4, Raiden does everything to save Snake and shows that he is more than willing to sacrifice his life for the man. It’s dramatic and intense, as Raiden’s life with the woman he loves flashes before his eyes as his body is crushed. It’s tragic, and all Snake thinks he survives is his sword.

4 The boss’s innocence has been proven

Arguably the franchise’s most tragic character, The Boss sacrificed herself not once, but twice on the show. In Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker, The Boss was placed in an AI, nuclear deterrent. When the world is threatened by nuclear war, The Boss comes to life. A ghost in the machine. She sings, beautifully, choosing a fate for herself once again.

The boss drowns to stop the data uplink, to ensure that the world continues to coexist with peace and prosperity across nations. This moment shows Big Boss that there is beauty outside of battle. As The Boss finally submerges, Big Boss gives another salute as the world watches The Boss’ innocence.

3 The microwave room

Nothing will stop Old Snake from achieving his goal. One of the most moving moments of Solid metal gear 4 makes Snake walk down a hallway riddled with deadly microwaves. Every step Snake takes hurts him and burns his skin. The music is moving and Otacon begs Snake to continue.

As it progresses, it weakens. Snake’s health gauge is depleting and he’s getting closer to killing and winning the Patriots AI, GW. This scene is also associated with what is happening in the world right now, with many of Snake’s allies fighting for their lives, depending on Snake at this fatal moment.

2 Kill the Diamond Dogs

When the emotional moments shine Metal Gear Solid 5, they really shine. With this Metal Gear title being the first open-world title, players can recruit soldiers into the Diamond Dogs and develop bonds with their allies on Mother Base.

A mission has a deadly voice infection aboard Mother Base. Big Boss enters the infected site and finds that all his men, his comrades, are infected with the deadly virus. They stand triumphantly, coughing and saluting, singing in unison as Big Boss is forced to execute them, one by one. It’s tragic, and every kill is his punishment on Big Boss, but ever loyal, they live and die under his command.

1 The real mission of the boss

As players progress through Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, they find themselves desperate and frustrated as to why The Boss would betray Naked Snake, and therefore the player. With his boss fighting, the mentor is defeated and the flower fields bloom with his blood. It’s a tragically beautiful ending.

What makes this moment the saddest of all is how The Boss left the United States on the orders of the government. She was to be a scapegoat to cover up US involvement in Soviet territory. It was a soldier’s ultimate sacrifice, to be disgraced and remembered as a traitor, all but Snake knows she was a true patriot.

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