The Student Success Center supports leadership development through students helping students


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For years, the Student Success Center has served as a valuable resource network for students across campus seeking academic and personal support and advocacy services. And while the number of students the center has served over the years is notable, the number of students the center employs each year is equally remarkable. The Student Success Center is one of the university’s largest employers of students, helping them develop valuable leadership skills while leveraging their on-campus experiences to help their peers successfully overcome various challenges. of college life.

This fall, the Student Success Center welcomed 203 students into its support and mentoring network. For some areas of the department, such as integrated and peer tutoring, the number of employed students is a center record that reflects the size and growing needs of the university’s student body. The center employs students in a variety of roles including further education leaders, traditional academic tutors, academic coaches, integrated course tutors, ambassadors, peer mentors and more.

Students who take on roles to support the mission of the Student Success Center learn valuable skills that they can take with them beyond their time at university. As they train in their positions, student assistants develop skills in leadership, assertiveness, empathy, listening, communication and more that help them excel in the classroom, in graduate programs. and professional, at work and in interpersonal relationships.

Undergraduate and graduate students make up this year’s student support team. Each university college is represented, and nursing students; Biological Sciences; and health, human performance and recreation are the three main departments that students call their university homes. More than half of the students employed by the center are Arkansans and almost 20% are first generation students.

The students who work in the department are also among the most accomplished on campus. The team has an impressive average GPA of 3.71, and nearly 41 percent are enrolled in Honors College. The team is made up of Honors College Fellows, Governor’s Distinguished Scholars, Eagle Scouts, campus RSO leaders, and community volunteers. Many students are actively engaged in student organizations on campus and do internships with companies outside of the classroom.

The students who help students shape the Student Success Center is one that has proven to be a powerful learning practice nationwide leading to better academic outcomes. Students often have a better idea of ​​the ideas and concepts that a peer may struggle with than an instructor, and often a peer may be able to explain a concept in a way that can be related to another. peer.

“Personally, helping students means lending a helping hand for the success of your peers and uplifting each other, so we all come out the winners in the end,” said Braden Byrum, Academic Coach for Peers and Dual Honors. senior in accounting and finance. “College is a tough time for everyone, some more than others, so I think it’s important to be kind, empathetic and uplifting. This can be done through academic, professional or even emotional help. which every student needs from time to time. “

Speaking of the effectiveness of students in helping students model, Ethan Brown, a senior and supplementary education officer in political science with a pre-med specialization, also added, “This model works because there is so many different ways for students to learn. The most effective medium for a particular student may not be the one presented by the professor, but it may simply be a medium that he learns from another student. “

“Anne Raines, Senior Director of Academic Initiatives, and her team have done an outstanding job developing our model of student leadership in the Student Success Center. We are a better center and campus because of our student leaders and the work they do. to help thousands of people from their peers every year. Students on both sides of this model benefit from the approach, which is why “Students Helping Students” is a central part of our centre’s mission, ”said Trevor Francis, associate vice-rector and director of the Student Success Center.

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