The tensest capture scene that had fans on the edge of their seats

It’s worth pointing out in the clip uploaded to YouTube that the crew member falls overboard at the very end, with everyone on the ship reacting and trying to get him out safely. Sadly, it ends before we see the result of the capture, but as anyone who’s seen the full episode knows, they managed to get it out. While it’s freezing, it’s safe, so it’s important to keep that in mind when discussing the footage.

Still, even knowing that everything turns out okay at the end isn’t enough for some fans when they watch the clip again. A YouTuber wrote, “My heart was beating so fast when it fell in the water. But I’ve seen this before, and it survives. But I’m still very nervous.” Others praised the quick action of the rest of the crew and praised everyone else for reacting as quickly as they did to get him out of the water. One person wrote: “Hats off to this team. They are all badass and moved quickly and efficiently, almost like a drill. I would like this team.”

In the middle of the night, with the raging waves, they managed to save this man’s life. This is all part of the day to day work on board a fishing vessel and hopefully better precautions will be taken to prevent such a situation from happening again.

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