The world’s first “warp bubble” discovered by Serendipity? DARPA researchers find it in Strange Encounter


The world’s first bubble warp emerged as a recent accidental discovery by DARPA-funded researchers, according to the latest report. The Limitless Space Institute (LS) team led by former NASA warp drive expert Dr. Harold G “Sonny” White spotted an interesting encounter that could be used by the spacecraft for faster travel. .

Real world warp bubble

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The world’s first bubble warp emerged as a recent accidental discovery by DARPA-funded researchers, according to the latest report.

In an interview with The debriefing Earlier this week, White said their chance encounter with the Warp Bubble is not that it is an analogue of the Bubble. The specialist said it was a true, tiny creation of the genre, making this accidental sighting a significant breakthrough.

Initially, we knew that Miguel Alcubierre, a Mexican mathematician, tackled warp drive through his mathematical calculation. In 1994, he proposed that this science fiction-like discovery could allow space vehicles to traverse the universe without breaking the laws of physics.

Since then, many scientists have shared their thoughts on warp training. Some of them knew that it was impossible to come up with proposals.

In September, Tech Times reported that NASA had written its explanation on the Alcubierre reader. According to the space agency, the warp drive borrows both concepts from Albert Einstein’s famous general relativity.

While it’s possible to rework what Alcubierre has done in the past, White said they will need to reduce the energy and material requirements of the original creation. This potentially gives the phantom experts a chance for it to appear.

Apparently, this looks like what we usually see in the “Star Trek” movies, but that real-world warp engine might not require alien matter reduction as well, some physicists say.

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Discover Warp Bubble by chance

In a similar report by The Debrief, DARPA-funded researchers embark on a more feasible approach of sticking to theoretical concepts. Per White, his team believe there is a way to achieve this goal.

In the latest findings from the European Physics Journal, the DARPA project appears to be closer to the Alcubierre metric set to achieve the creation of a distortion drive. It was mentioned there that the negative energy density distribution somewhat matches the original requirements.

Going forward, White and his team are eager to design a testable “chain drive gear” in future tests. With that, they would use a toy model to see if it has a qualitative correlation with Alcubierre’s.

How does a warp player work?

In a report by The conversation, Alcubierre’s warp drive works by creating a space-time around the spaceship. He would bend the latter to decrease the distances between them.

For the creation of negative energy, an imbalance between the particles could take place. The mass would trap one particle while the other would be the negative energy in the space-time bubble.

However, according to the Tech Times report, there is another statement as to why light speed travel is bad. First, the spacecraft could not cope with the speed that would bring its destruction.

The second reason it’s bad is time dilation, which means time slows down as you move faster.

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