Top 10 Seinen Anime We Wouldn’t Want To Be Isekai

Seinen is an anime genre that appeals to a mature demographic with its thematic complexity and ruthless violent storytelling. The worlds depicted in seinen anime operate under fierce rules and serve as homes to countless remorseless monsters. While their unorthodox structure and captivating complexity are fascinating to watch, no spectator would want to partake in most seinen shows.

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Some remarkably ruthless seinen tales would see their fans perish almost immediately after being isekai in their setting, and others could leave the hapless otherworldly guest in pain for a few days. No matter how alluring the isekai fantasy may seem, the seinen genre is not one that viewers should want to visit.

ten Drifters is an Isekai war between humanity’s strongest warriors


The captivating premise of Drifters already looks like an isekai, as it features various influential historical figures being transported to a magical world to prevent its destruction. However, even the most skilled warriors in history struggle to persevere in this universe without remorse, so any average human being has a slim chance of survival.

Unless the new hero of Drifters can fight on par with Japan’s most skilled samurai, Shimazu Toyohisa, or believe themselves capable of defeating Adolf Hitler, their isekai adventure could come to an abrupt end.

9 The world of Parasyte presents the danger of being possessed by an alien

contrary to Parasite protagonist Shinichi Izumi, the unfortunate hero who was sent to the same universe, might not be so lucky. During a massive alien invasion, Shinichi becomes the target of one of the Parasites.

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The protagonist manages to resist the attack by trapping the alien in his arm. Unable to take over its host’s brain, the Miji parasite cannot control Shinichi and has no choice but to cooperate with the hero. Whether it’s the risk of being infected by an alien or the possibility of being attacked by an already possessed host, the world of Parasite hides many dangers for an isekai protagonist.

8 The unforgiving setting of Vinland Saga is hard to survive

vinland saga warrior

The comfortable life of modern times cannot prepare the isekai hero for the harsh environment of 11th century England during the Viking invasion. Beyond the unforgiving weather conditions and Spartan way of life, those who find themselves in the Vinland Saga world should face the cruelty of its inhabitants.

Unlike the story’s protagonist, Thorfinn, the ordinary modern person is not adept at ruthless battles and would find it difficult to fit in with Danish warriors. And the Vikings were notoriously suspicious of outsiders, so the hapless isekai hero will most certainly suffer near-instant death.

7 Bokurano presents a sinister take on the Mecha genre

Bokurano Cast from the anime

Countless mecha fans would jump at the chance to pilot a giant robot on an exhilarating space opera adventure. Nevertheless, admirers of bokurano would likely feel doubtful about transporting themselves to their favorite show. The battles of this series of dark mechs cost the lives of each of their teenage pilots as they defend the Earth against robots from another dimension. The younger the pilot, the more energy he can supply to his robot, increasing his powers.

Despite the brilliant characterization of each bokurano pilot and the devastating narrative power of the show’s story, no one would want to give up their life in one of the show’s harrowing battles.

6 Psycho-Pass’ ideal future is full of disturbing secrets

The futuristic society of Psycho Pass could present a utopia to an unassuming otherworldly traveler. Yet anyone familiar with the world ruled by the sinister Sibyl System would never want to end up living under it. By constantly monitoring the mental and emotional coefficients of their citizens, the biomechatronics network evaluates each individual and controls their freedom of expression under the false principle of keeping the city safe and content.

The disguised authoritarian regime of Psycho Pass eliminates all undesirable individuals through the hands of its police personnel, inspectors and enforcers. And no isekai protagonist would want to find themselves staring down the barrel of their deadly Dominators.

5 The world of Akira leaves the hero no chance of survival

Akira might hold the title of the most influential cyberpunk film in history, but its exceptional world-building paints a picture of a future no one dreams of. In the anime universe, the world entered World War III in 1988, beginning with the destruction of Tokyo by a rogue esper.

An isekai protagonist who found himself in Neo-Tokyo 2019 would face a world of lopsided gang violence, terrorist attacks, and countless protests. The anarchy of Akira’s future could prove to be a difficult environment to navigate. Yet the real tragedy for the otherworldly hero would be if he lived until the end of the film, at which point he would be pulverized by an explosive singularity.

4 No hero would want to turn into a monster in Tokyo Ghoul

Ken Kaneki snaps his fingers in Tokyo Ghoul Root A

Even for the characters of Tokyo Ghoul, the fate of turning into a flesh-eating monster appears, sometimes, worse than death.

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The story’s protagonist, Ken Kaneki, is transformed into a half-ghoul after receiving organs from a dead ghoul during an operation. The transformation destroyed the peaceful life of the young man, forcing him to hide his identity from society and adapt to the difficulties of existing as a monster hungry for human flesh. The ruthless world of tokyo ghoul would have no mercy for an unprepared isekai protagonist.

3 Hellsing’s spooky universe overflows with supernatural enemies

Alucard and Walter defend Integra at Hellsing

Hellsing’s brutal narrative follows the activity of a secret organization that protects England from supernatural forces, such as vampires and ghouls. The organization’s current leader, Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, and her ultimate weapon, an ancient vampire Alucard, are tasked with risking their lives in the endless battle with the undead.

Any unlucky hero falls into the dark universe of Hellsing should live in constant fear of being consumed by a ruthless creature of darkness, and their survival is far from guaranteed.

2 The lawless world of Dorohedoro operates by the rules of violence

Any unhappy soul who finds himself in the world of Dorohedoro will find themselves in one of three equally unappealing realms – spawning with dangers and poisoned by Hole pollution, the criminally corrupt wizarding world or the torturing hell ruled by demons. The various communities in the expansive world of anime are mostly lawless and overrun by violent gang members, so torture and murder occur spontaneously in all areas.

Being isekai in the show’s hectic setting would most likely result in the poor hero’s death at the hands of shameless criminals, no matter where he ends up.

1 Berserk’s Dark Fantasy Setting Is Brutally Unfavorable

Traveling through a medieval-inspired fantasy land might not seem like an unhappy experience to some. Unfortunately, the setting of Berserk doesn’t sound like a magic tale.

Guts’ harrowing adventure takes him through multi-faceted locations that make up the Berserk lore, which consists of the overlapping realms of the macrocosmic trinity – the physical world, the astral world and the ideal world. Yet no matter where Guts goes, his path is met with tragedy and grief, with the trail of bloodshed and regret behind him growing longer with every step. While the world of Berserk may seem magical, it is home to myriads of unimaginable horrors and sinister terrors.

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