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Los Angeles, Calif., December 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) РCurrently, integrated services platform NFT UBOXSEA has entered into a strategic partnership with on-chain game M̦bius Wars. M̦bius Wars is the first game project invested by UBOXSEA.

In this cooperation, UBOXSEA will support the development of game projects with practical actions, create a richer NFT game ecosystem, maintain all the original design copyrights of the game team during the creation process, provide real business channels and will accelerate the expansion of the two markets. To jointly plan more follow-up activities. Then UBOXSEA will launch the first pre-sale activity around Christmas time.

In 2022, UBOXSEA will launch the SocialDao mechanism with community members. Keep rolling out more GameFi project sections to enable more original games.

In the future, UBOXSEA will be the most valuable and powerful platform for CTE (Creat to Earn). It will cross the whole of ecology with the SocialDao mechanism and will continue to provide protection and support to individuals or organizations of origin of the ecosystem.

Möbius Wars is a 3D Sci-Fi MMORPG game with NFT collectible value. This game has sci-fi, cool graphics and a complete and interesting worldview, in which players can build, harvest and fight aliens, conquer other planets, and more. Players need to strategically form teams, warships, and train geniuses of different attributes to defeat their opponents, and use popular “play to win” game concepts and features.

Möbius Wars will also be launched soon. The design concept of the game’s pre-development is rich, which not only allows gamers to enjoy the excitement of sci-fi games, but also builds their own main online business to earn money by playing .

1. Introduction

Möbius Wars is a 3D Sci-Fi MMORPG game with NFT collection value. The main members of this team have worked for Disney, Marvel, Warner Bros. and Lucasfilm. And establish a long-term friendly cooperation relationship with these outstanding companies and teams. After completing the task, the user can get the virtual planet maps, alien maps, battleship maps made up of different components, maps of the components themselves, and sprite maps. with different attributes (players can beautify their own planet and train the fighting power of different warships under the strategy of combining cards of different components) .Collect and sell cards to get symbolic rewards.

2. Background

“What is the ultimate meaning of the universe? Can we still see the day of peace?”

In this future alien-ravaged time and space, there is wreckage and devastation everywhere. Obviously, the existence of humans is the biggest obstacle for aliens, and it is only by suppressing humans that aliens’ wishes can be granted. Fight, loot, kill. .. They are approaching one after the other, and humanity can no longer retreat. It seems like it’s time to resist!

Even if human beings do not dominate the world, they must have the capacity to protect themselves. 【CORE】 It has become the last stronghold for the remains of mankind and the last hope of mankind. Zuma / Yunny, as the leader of the new Earth Air Force (EAF), will form its own fleet. They must defeat the aliens with the help of the elemental elves and take back their own land.

“I think this war is inevitable, and peace will come soon …”

3. Presentation of the NFT card

Basic information about the NFT card

1) character

Each alien is unique, players can buy, sell or trade in-game or in the real world

(2) Warship

The combination of “components” with different “attributes” constitutes different “warships”

(3) Elves

“Wind”, “Fire”, “Thunder”, “Electricity”, “Earth” five types of elves elements, and the two elements can be superimposed to synthesize new elements, the talent is tripled.

(4) Rarity

Divided into five types of rarity: “B”, “A”, “R”, “SR” and “SSR”

How to get NFT cards

Users can obtain Möbius Wars NFT Blind Box card packs through channels such as “Promised Card Design” and “Job Reward Redemption”. Each card pack may be issued with different card content depending on the number of tokens promised, purchasing channels and other factors. The first wave of Möbius War Christmas blind box pre-sales will officially launch on December 24. Follow the official UBOXSEA group telegram and you can buy them.

[Task Reward] Complete some of the official tasks, such as experiencing games, passing through levels, etc., to get Serum, which can be exchanged for Battleship Mobius (creature) and earth, upgrade items, etc.

[Drawing card shop] The design store will launch the official NFT blind box card pack from time to time. Please pay attention to the Möbius Wars announcement.

[Trading market] In addition, users can directly purchase their preferred NFT cards through the “commercial market”. The transactions market has a “USDT transaction” trading area, which supports the exchange of traditional HECO assets (USDT, DOGE, etc.). (The transaction exchange service is provided by the UBOXSEA link).

[Black Market] In the game’s black market, you can trade different coins with other players to improve your fleet.

4. Presentation of the game

The first step: players can only choose Zuma or Winnie to form their own fleet (PVE mode).

The second step: players can choose the alien faction to enter the dark road (PVP mode).

The last step: the game evolves in MMORPG mode through the open world.

(1) .Base game

Users can choose Zuma / Yunny as their ace pilot to lead you into battle, get serum resources by completing basic tasks, trade battleships and lands, defeat an alien BOSS to get rewards, and level up through the portal. Users can decorate their own planets and battleships in the process. There will be more interesting ways to play in the follow-up. The game uses the first perspective to play, have the experience of driving the ship first hand, and the sense of substitution will be stronger, simple and easy to use.

(2) .Elf Upgrade

Elemental sprites can be cropped into different elements with different states. Each item can be played 8 times. The battleship can contain up to 5 elemental sprites. After defeating each BOSS battleship, release it, and the ship will release the elves, and the player must grab those elven items.

(3) .Acquisition of land

Throughout the game, players can connect to different planets, and these planets can be rented or purchased directly. For the leased planets, people must protect the earth from alien invasions every now and then. For example, 10 times to protect the land, the player automatically owns the land.

Or buy land directly and get freehold land control rights.


UBOXSEA is a full service NFT platform that provides copyright services for original intellectual property. It innovatively proposes to integrate the current copyright system into the NFT to help artists and collectors create a safe, stable and reliable environment for creation and commerce. UBOXSEA will establish the most valuable enabling foundation, intended to incubate and support the original game. At the same time, UBOXSEA integrates the SocialDao mechanism across the whole ecosystem, and wants to create a new environment with the users.

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