Volkswagen ID Buzz Showcased at New York Auto Show by YouTuber

When Supercar Blondie from the eponymous YouTube channel decides to review a car she finds interesting, you better believe it’s going to be fun.

So here’s Alex talking about the futuristic volkswagen Mini Bus, the ID Buzz, and why she finds it so “cool”.

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The VW bus is now the VW ID Buzz

Supercar Blondie begins his enthusiastic speech by saying “this is one of the coolest cars at the New York Auto Show”. The Volkswagen ID Buzz is the second coming of the iconic classic, the VW Bus of the 70s. What Blondie loves about the ID Buzz, of course, is that it’s not just a concept, but what will look like the real car.

Serge is also there with Alex, and she is also interested in her reactions when she shows the key. Starting the car is as easy as putting your butt in the seat, as the car recognizes the weight and turns everything on.

Surprisingly, the pedals sport pause and play buttons, and Supercar Blondie loves the quirky little touches. This includes the fun things the headlights can do when you hit the brakes.

It also shows the fact that the entire center console is removable or kept as is. If you take it off, you have room to put whatever you want. Blondie exclaims, “hey a surfboard, that’s what this bus is for, isn’t it?”

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Specifications are still secret

So for now, most of the car’s specs are still under wraps, although this electric minivan makes 200 horsepower.

Supercar Blondie loves that you can talk to the car and just say “Hey ID” and it will respond. VW will also make a real bed that will fit into the rear space and turn the ID Buzz into your personal resting space. Like your home away from home, on the beach.

Alex also happily points out the little Easter eggs in the car, like little ID Buzz designs on the sides of the seats and a little one on the rear window. When it rains and the windshield wipers start to come up, it also reveals a little umbrella, making it one of the cutest entrants to the car market in recent years.

Fans are in awe of both ID Buzz and Supercar Blondie, writing, “I also saw the VW Buzz just before I bumped into Supercar Blondie at the New York Auto Show and on top of that she is a sweetheart who stopped by for FT my cousin, she does a serious job.

Source: Supercar Blondie YouTube Channel

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