Wayzata Student creates a website for students to learn advanced science

5:04 p.m. | Tuesday, April 19, 2022

In each school, teachers provide students with a toolkit of fundamental skills to succeed in a given subject.

“You use these toolkits which can be nuts, bolts, screws, wedges, to build something more sophisticated,” said Aayush Goud, a pupil at Wayzata High School in Plymouth.

However, schools cannot teach much.

Goud is technically a senior at Wayzata, but if you spend a few minutes talking to him, you’d swear he was a teacher.

“Currently, I’ve been taking courses in neuroscience, biochemistry, organic chemistry, and information theory,” Goud said.

The courses he refers to are on the website, Cortex of Science.

Aayush Goud is a senior at Wayzata High School.

Learn STEM outside the classroom

It’s a site he created at the start of the pandemic where high school students can come together to learn about STEM fields outside of their regular school curriculum.

“So far this has been a personal effort where over the past couple of years it was me who continually created new web pages and implemented animations, created video tutorials,” Goud said. “But I want to make it more of an open source database.”

Anyone who visits Cortex of Science will find a collection of videos Goud has created to help simplify difficult concepts in science, technology, engineering, and math.

The site has gone from no views for the first year and a half to several thousand over the past few months.

“I got a lot of positive feedback,” he says.

The idea is to make these complex topics fun and visually appealing, and ultimately help students explore their curiosity.

“We’re all in the learning process,” Goud said. “And if we are able to help others learn something in an easier way than others might teach it, that is all the more joyful.”

One of the videos Goud posted on his website where he teaches the concept of string theory.

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