What futuristic car feature did you think was real now?

a black and white photo of the Aero Mobil flying car with the caption

Seriously guys, where is it?
Photo: Aeromobil

It’s the year of our lord 2022. So if we want to follow Marty McFly’s gospel, we should already have robotic gas stations, hoverboards and flying cars. But, if you take a look out the window, you’ll be disappointed to see that none of these elements are real.

And it wasn’t just Back to the future who made wild predictions for the future of driving and transportation. Oh no, we were promised a host of cool features that still look being just around the corner and apparently still waiting there.

So with that in mind, we want to check out the features of the futuristic car you thought was a reality now.

Maybe you are surprised that the majority of our transport is still confined to the ground. Or, maybe you thought that by 2022 we would have futuristic holographic displays in all our cars.

Then, we talk a lot about self-driving cars, self-driving trucks and robotic delivery drones. None of these are widespread yet.

Maybe you had somewhat more conservative ambitions for the future. May be you hoped massaging seats would have become standard in a lot more cars. Or you dreamed of a tire that would never need to be replaced – no, just me?

There is plenty of room for improvement in the car world. So what features did you think were common when we got there? to 2022?

Whatever the feature, we want to hear about the things you’re surprised don’t exist yet. Bonus points if you remember when you first heard of the creative idea.

Let us know your suggestions for the top features you thought you’d have by 2022, and we’ll round up some of the best answers later today.

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