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Who knows what awaits us in the future? Science fiction hopes to explore many potential futures, but the best science fiction books reflect the issues and concerns of their time through a dark mirror. The future is constantly changing and reorganizing itself in front of us.

These science fiction books that turn the pages represent some of the best in the genre. Some are classics while others are fresh and exciting new visions from an unknowable eternity.

The problem of the three bodies

Liu cixin The problem of the three bodies is one of the best science fiction books of the past fifteen years. The book presents a near future where humanity anticipates an invasion by life forms from another star system. Readers learn the history of the interactions between humanity and the mysterious Trisolarians.

The problem of the three bodies spawned two sequels, The Dark Forest and The end of death. This epic sci-fi series is an incredibly detailed and complex thriller. Despite tackling some really massive concepts, Cixin’s prose is dazzling and elegant.

Straw in God’s Eye

Straw in God’s Eye is a collaboration between veteran science fiction writers Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. It’s one of the best contact stories ever. Set in the distant future of humanity, it describes humanity’s first contact with an alien species.

This book is a glittering mystery. The reader must unravel the secrets of the strange alien race known as the Moties to learn the terrible fate of the future of the universe.


Bubble is a science fiction adventure graphic novel written by Jordan Morris and Sarah Morgan. Humanity in the world of Bubble is confined to dome-shaped cities to protect against the rampaging mutant imps. Hipster townspeople praise protection from the mutant hordes on an app called “Huntr”.

Bubble features kinetic combat sequences illustrated by Tony Cliff. Morris and Morgan provide their characters with hilarious lines as well as a clever critique of our exploitation in the hands of an indifferent concert economy.

The book of the new sun

Gene Wolfe’s masterpiece The book of the new sun is actually a series of four novels. The first two books are now commonly available condensed into a single volume called Shadow claw. Wolfe is sometimes called the James Joyce of science fiction. His complex and difficult prose is not for everyone, but he maintains a cult that is obsessed with interpreting his work.

The books follow Severian, an apprentice to the seekers of truth and penance, also known as the Torturer’s Guild. The series traces Severian’s strange journey, from his childhood to becoming the savior of his dying planet.

Pattern recognition

Many know and love William Gibson for his legendary cyberpunk novel Neuromancer. Gibson’s latest novel Pattern recognition presents a more realistic vision of our near future. It’s partly a detective story and partly a political spy thriller.

Cayce Pollard is an advertising consultant. His boss, a tech billionaire named Hubertus Bigend, gives him a job to uncover the meaning of a series of mysterious internet videos. Pollard’s investigation attracts the attention of a dedicated internet video community, the National Security Agency and the Russian Mafia.

Snow accident

Neal stephenson Snow accident perhaps the best cyberpunk book ever written. It features a world where people interact with each other in a shared virtual world called the Metaverse. This world is changed forever when users viewing a corrupted image file die in both the digital and physical world.

Our main characters uncover a vast conspiracy linked to the very origin of humanity. Snow accident is an exhilarating thriller that also serves as a poignant critique of science fiction conventions and the future of capitalism.

A hymn for Leibowitz

Walter M. Miller Jr. A hymn for Leibowitz is a classic science fiction book. It’s one of the greatest post-apocalyptic stories ever written. Told in three parts, A hymn for Leibowitz chronicles the cyclical path of human history as it recovers from nuclear war.

Miller Jr.’s grim take on the self-defeating nature of humanity is as fresh and vibrant as when it was first published in the 1950s.

Accessory justice

Accessory justice was written by Ann Lecke. It is a space opera that takes place thousands of years in the future. Powerful artificial intelligence units control human bodies called “auxiliaries” to carry out their orders. In Lecke’s future, these AIs do not differentiate people by gender.

Lecke’s ambitious novel is not for everyone. Its intricate weaving of past and present events can be impenetrable for some audiences. Those who are able to maneuver through prose will discover a captivating and fully realized world.

What are your favorite science fiction books? Share with us in the comments below!

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