What is the most futuristic car on sale right now?

A photo of a red Mercedes EQS sedan parked at a wind farm.

Is the Mercedes EQS the car of the future?
Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Everything is changing in the automotive world these days. Gasoline models are shown at the door while sleek, battery-powered models packed with tech are introduced. And all of this is happening while automakers are trying to decide what a modern car looks like and how it should behave in 2022.

And that got us thinking. Of all the new models released in recent years, does any of them feel truly modern and look like the cars we were promised to drive by the time we hit the 2020s? So today we want to check out the most futuristic cars you can buy right now.

“Futuristic” can mean a lot of things when it comes to cars. It could be as simple as a clean, minimalist style it looks straight out of a sci-fi epic. Or, it could be the futuristic tech crammed into the cabin, as long as it all works. Or, there could be a powertrain that you think is really the foundation of our automotive future.

Whatever the reasoning and whatever the car, we want to hear about it.

When it comes to cars that offer a tangible taste of a future predicted by the movies, I think there’s no better choice than the Mercedes EQS sedan. This porpoise-like electric vehicle has that orb shape promised in movies like Wall-Ebut its cabin is brimming with the soft glow of an inordinate amount of touchscreens.

And while an argument could be made for Tesla a few years ago, the company’s impressive electric range is already being matched by other automakers. And, if you think it’s self-driving abilities compensate for this, so please refer to the previous stipulation which any futuristic tech you’re considering has to actually work.

So with all that in mind, why don’t you make like a tree and head straight to the comments section to let us know.our picks for the most futuristic cars on sale right now. We’ll collect some of the best answers in a slideshow next week.

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